Modern technologies in action - mobile applications for life

By admin, 9 May, 2019

You can develop an application for almost anything. In the field of mobile devices in the past few years, there has been a real breakthrough. The world has captured new technologies, and this has greatly expanded the potential audience of application users. The applications themselves bring new opportunities for work and entertainment to the world of useful devices (phones and smartphones), and the uninterrupted and round-the-clock search of the Internet provides free instant messaging of text messages, video and music files. A large amount of memory allows you to save moments of life on your phone or smartphone.

Modern technologies invent, implement and distribute with great speed. Devices on the iOS and Android platforms support a huge number of mobile applications. Since smartphones are becoming more and more accessible to consumers, the growth of the target audience of mobile applications will also continue for many years, until everything is connected to these technologies: at the time, the situation with TVs, and later with personal computers.

Why do we need applications?

The life of a modern person cannot be imagined without various kinds of gadgets. They can download not only entertainment applications, but they can also create original projects, use mobile versions of useful services and services.

Applications have become absolutely necessary for owners of mobile devices on iOS and Android. Thus, the main functions of the applications are two - entertaining and utilitarian (or household). Entertainment can be different: online shopping, reading books and magazines, chatting with friends or exchanging opinions on thematic forums. More 'mundane' applications provide access to bank accounts, allow you to pay for utilities, provide an opportunity to monitor their health, state of the budget, use your phone as a microphone thanks to the same mobile app. Read more at

High expectations justify only high-tech app

The high-quality and effective mobile application is not only due to the brilliant idea. It is important that it is understandable and user-friendly, loaded quickly, and ensure the security of connections and operations. This is especially important for applications that interact with the Internet. Before the release and launch of new applications, they are tested on a huge number of parameters. The testing process allows you to detect possible problems. Especially, it concerns the following points:

  1. Updates - Must be made promptly and automatically.
  2. Support languages and set standard parameters - As well as functioning on various devices. This is the only way to understand how your application will work with the user in reality.
  3. Usability - The appearance of the application, usability, low power consumption.
  4. Performance - Operational loading of the system and memory.
  5. Stress test - Allows you to check how the application can react to non-standard user behavior, for example, by pressing several buttons at the same time, quickly turning the device on and off, and so on.
  6. Multi-functionality and high adaptability - The application must be supported by devices for which it was specifically created, taking into account the difference in the diagonals of the screens used by the OS, etc.

Use of mobile applications


Of course, most mobile applications are created for entertainment (games, books, etc.). At the same time, tablets and iPad expand the possibilities of not only leisure, but also help to cope with work more quickly. You can create new products, pictures, process photos, type text anywhere and anytime. Another line of business - advertising in mobile applications - is quite expensive. There are entire magazines and cinemas operating online. At the same time, the contribution to the development of an interactive application pays off rather quickly. Nevertheless, please note that Apple charges 30% for applications for its products (iPhone and iPad).


Many banks allow their customers to manage their account online. This is beneficial to both parties and much faster than when working offline with a bank. Of course, users are not only interested in finance. Smartphones allow you to go to social networks and other popular instant messengers, as well as any informative sites. Thus, if your site has high traffic, it's time to think about creating your own mobile application.

Additional services

You can create a mobile application for everything. For example, iPhone owners can control their current Volvo model. An excellent motivation for weight reduction are scales with Internet access that automatically transfer data, for example, to your page on social networks. You can learn more about useful apps on


For companies offering their products and services, one of the sources of sales can be a mobile application created specifically for the online store. Today, people are increasingly ordering food, flowers, tickets to various events, household appliances and much more with the help of mobile applications.

Corporate spirit

You can also create corporate applications specifically for company employees. Such applications make it possible to speed up the process of information exchange between employees at different levels, simplify the process of drawing up reports, and reduce the time spent on carrying out standard calculations.

Loyalty programs

Increasingly in the modern world comes to the fore the struggle for the client. Both for bringing in new and keeping old. From year to year, companies launch loyalty programs using discount and savings cards. This is no surprise to anyone, and the effectiveness of discount cards in recent years shows a significant decrease. There are a lot of cards from customers and it is inconvenient to carry them with you. Virtual loyalty cards are replacing discount loyalty cards. Now, using a mobile application, you can organize an effective communication channel with your client.

The diverse world of mobile applications

  1. PROMO - With low functionality, they can impress with their creativity and arouse the interest of various audiences.
  2. DEVELOPMENTS - Applications allow you to watch various events online: sports events, performances in the world's leading theaters, the Oscar ceremony, etc.
  3. SERVICE - They are created by analogy with sites, but they can work offline, we are talking about various kinds of directories, services, lists. For example, the application for regular customers cafe, for the use of which they receive a discount, etc.
  4. GAMES - Entertainment loves everything, so it's difficult to find a smartphone on which at least one mobile game application would not be installed. In this regard, there is high competition in the mobile gaming market, only a few can create something truly new and relevant. But this does not mean that you should not work in this direction.
  5. INNOVATION - Modern technologies are being introduced in new applications.
  6. FASHION - The beauty industry has conquered not only the female but also the male audience. Online stores are constantly updating their mobile applications. This allows users to keep abreast of the latest trends, get acquainted with the new collection, follow the company news and immediately order your favorite jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes and much more.

Mobile applications capture almost all areas of life - from work to leisure and even personal life. Thus, the potential user does not represent his usual day without mobile applications.