Mobile Website and Mobile App: Do You Need Both ?

Mobile App and Mobile Web

If you want to commence a business, first concern that comes into wit is, you want to create a mobile application for users to download (app) or you want to fabricate a mobile website or both. Mobile websites and apps can look very similar at first glimpse and determining which is most suited to the exigency will depend upon a number of elements, including target spectators, available budget, intentional motive and required attributes. Although, mobile apps and websites are mutually different from each other.

Mobile Applications and Mobile Websites

A mobile website is a venue that has been considerably contemplated to look and function optimally on both personal computers as well for mobiles. When you don't want to adorn in a mobile responsive site, your standard website looks outdated and is nearly meaningless on mobile devices, a mobile website is just a website that is for mobile browsing. It can be reached through a phone's web browser directly. One mobile site can work on any mobile platform, it is generally quicker and inexpensive to develop, and a mobile site can be a translation of your major website, now it is possible to embed a mobile site in an app using the PhoneGap technique.

On the other hand, a mobile app is a native program designed specifically for Smartphone and tablets, distinct from a mobile site, which easily can be found on search engines. An app is easy to adhere the user experience conventions using stored libraries, it is available on app store, it can work offline, and it can be started easily.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps Advantages

Advantages to clients

  • By using an app, the client can access your information, offers, website, location map and contact details anytime, right in the flat of the hand.
  • An app holds easily readable content designed to fit the screen on clients' phone, unlike many websites they may browse.
  • Special propositions only receivables to app manipulators.

Advantages to merchandise

  • You could save your cost by leveraging your current website investment through increasing visits by app holders..
  • An app maximizes your social media investment with automatic linking to your Facebook and Twitter accounts..
  • Through an app, you could easily collect database.
  • Opportunity to offer discounts and coupons via the app.
  • Ability to send push notifications through the app, YouTube channel, voice message recording capabilities, QR code options, podcasts, and GPS capabilities are the features in an app.

There are various choices when it comes to getting into the mobile marketplace, but not all of them will suit your business. The best strategy is to create a plan of the convenient gains and highlights you want in an app, and then you will have a better sightedness of what consequence you are looking for when you call an app developer to discuss your exigency.

Mobile Apps Disadvantages

  • For an app installation, a separate space is needed; mobile devices have a limited amount of space. Thus, an app is always a battle for space.
  • When we download apps, users have to allow the illuminators to track and check-up their actions. This would give birth to the loss of personal acquaintance.
  • Mobile apps ask for on-going care regarding fresh content and technological updates. They are not too easy to ameliorate as a mobile website. Apps can be costlier - the more features they have, the cost will be more, and can be hard to handle.

Mobile Websites


  • A separate mobile site can contain specially handpicked content and unique pages tailored to this audience.
  • Original website of your portal ends up reorganized into long, scrollable pages, but mobile websites allow you to slim down the design.


  • You need to make sure the content is right. If research isn't done and the incorrect information is there then it would be possible that mobile users may be unsatisfied and have a negative experience.
  • There are a lot of various devices on the outlet that there isn't a one-size-fit to all approach, that's why we can say a mobile site won't be the right size for all screens.
  • If a visitor can find exact information on a desktop, but can't locate it again and then they return to their mobile phone and if the information on both might be different then the user experience could be negative.
  • The responsibility of your web agency is content should be-be updated and thus a separate maintenance is required for mobile sites.

The Winner

By this blog, you have a better understanding of how to view the mobile market with your trademark. Ideally, a responsive website assorted with a mobile app will answer all of your needs. The site will reveal everything in an easy-to-ingress format while the mobile app may have a more exclusive focus, but it will interact with users in a way that a website cannot.