Internet of Things: Set to go On Board or Still in a Crude Shape?

By kairaclark, 27 January, 2016
Internet of Things: Set to go On Board or Still in a Crude Shape?

Human beings are the smartest creature on this planet, and this is the reason they are striving hard to make a much smarter place to live. All the technological advancement that has made world man's oyster and wherefore has made it easy for us to communicate and connect with people. Well, this was not it, as these adroit people now have made the world where we breathe the Internet. This is the reason they have developed an all new concept which is known as the Internet of things. Yes, we are in a world of Internet of things (IoT), and this is quite a trending thing.

1. What is this much-hyped term?

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.” as per the most circulated definition. Also, Internet of Things is a progressive new technology that is designed to make things quite easy and make our surrounding conducive to live in. Though the technology is quite progressive, but it is still in its incipient stages and has some serious concerns attached to it. In this blog we will discuss what all issues still exists with IoT.

2. Precision is Paramount

We are well aware of the fact that building an Internet world for consumers is quite a challenging task. This is because it demands the users to connect various devices with a system software and you have no idea how many third-party manufacturers we have across the globe. Further, there are different networks which are to be focused keeping in mind the bandwidth, latency, and determinism.

Moreover, these systems need to be extremely precise as failing by even a minute can do blunders. This is the reason these systems need to follow strict requirements to avoid any serious safety and health hazards. Vehicle to vehicle communication is one the fields where IoT can find significant usage in the automotive industry. The crux is in here too as you do not want automatic automobile control system that applies breaks after few seconds.

3. Usability is also a concern

Internet of things is supposed to make our lives more comfortable. This technology not only makes working conditions easy or favorable for the users but are calming to be technological slaves of the users. We will spend less time on monotonous. Now the user does not have to spend time on working on the mundane daily task as now you can just ask the software to work for you instead. This helps you to save a lot of time, and one can use this time to work on several other constructive things such as devote it to your friends and family.

This is just like a whole new world of Internet where we are the masters of extremely talented software, but still there is a long way to go as this technology is yet to reap and become fully functional. Till now you have to do some mental exercise memorizing the interfaces, icons, and gestures of this software. When it comes to usability of IoT in the present day, then I won't say that they have become highly useful, as that phase is yet to come.

For Example - Let us take you simple need to switch off your microwave or lights, you just need to press the buttons, and that's all you need to do in a traditional method. Wherein, when it comes to IoT you need to open your mobile phone, look for the respective mobile app, find out the option that says switch off the lights and then select it to switch off the lights. This means that you need to perform some extra steps which are ironic to what it is meant for.

Though this latest advancement has caught our fancy so much that we are inclined to it, wherein evaluating the IoT devices we are well aware of the fact they won't perform well. Our high hopes lie of UX designers to come up with great ideas that can render a seamless and intuitive user experience to the user that can help them in optimizing their work-flow.

4. Complex interfaces, Ironic to the main purpose

The Internet on thing devices does not provide you an unfettered use experience to the users. Those who are using different devices such as fitness tracker, smart kitchen system, smart car but you won't be able to perform the actions in tandem. For instance, you won't be able to start your smart car after locking your door or set the room temperature according to your body temperature. This something yet is to be covered in Internet of things and till then you will have work on a fragment user interfaces. This fragmentation has created a lot of complexity in functioning which is ironic to what smart devices intended to do in our lives.

The term IoT is fresh in the market, and this is the people have not gotten along as of now and still have a lot of questions. One of the main problem is that there are a plethora of connected devices out there and looking at them we cannot segregate which one is more useful, and they won't function as a "team". In short one must know that your group of IoT devices cannot be controlled via a single place and the data can also not be synced. This implies that those people who have smart devices such as fitness tracker, smart TV, smart Car, and a smart thermostat, need to control these devices via different apps for each of them.

In All … An Apprehensive technology!

Though IoT is an extremely innovative technology, it certainly imbued with a lot of apprehensions. We still need quite a fortified development as of now to count on IoT.

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