Interior Design: The Best Apps for Designing

By Susandaigle23, 20 December, 2018
Interior Design: The Best Apps for Designing

The world of Apps, to be worn and used on mobile devices, pays close attention to professional needs: an example is the Interior Design App (or Interior Design), which provide support to designers in any place but also to those who are fasting matter. Discover the extent to which an Interior Design application can help you furnish a home by evaluating among the best Apps available online.

Interior Design App: why choose them

Contrary to what it may seem, the interior design apps are not only useful for experts in the field but are also helpful for a rough design even for the less experienced. Attention: it is not by chance that we have said "rough design" because the App on a mobile device cannot replace a real Interior Design project, also made of precise measurements, personalized aesthetic choices, and economic evaluation of the budget. There is some App of Interior Design that introduces the user in a real community, other more techniques that allow you to draw, others that provide aesthetic cues by means of images already selected for you. Before choosing your own, we suggest you get acquainted with the main Interior Design Apps on the web, so as to identify the most useful one, avoiding cluttering the memory of your mobile device with tools that you will never use.

The most searched apps on the web are called Home Design 3D, Home-style, Planner 5D, Houzz, but there are also other less known.

What makes an App a successful tool?

Of course the frequency of the download, which is almost always partially free. But the App also considers very important the presence of social connections like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which allow you to enter the Interior Designer activity in a network, as well as finding advice, images and information useful for rapid design.

Interior Design App: which are the best to design interiors

Let's start from Home Design 3D, an App compatible with iPad and iPhone, which does not require an internet connection and provides illustrated tutorials to learn how to use the functions. The design phases are obviously very schematic:

  • we start from the design of the plant of the environment
  • you insert the walls and add the fixtures, moving quickly from 2D to 3D
  • It ends with the decorations.

Built virtually the house, the fun part is, in fact, in the decorations, both internal and external, drawing from a library the right elements for your project, with the ability to adapt and customize them according to your favorite style. The functions necessary to do all this are the classic Photoshop: copy/paste, an eyedropper to paint, textures at the desired points. In the end, a very realistic 3D animation rendering allows you to enter the rooms designed and verify the aesthetic effect. With the compass command, you will even check the day and night lighting of the rooms. At this point the effect-network intervenes: you can share your projects via email, Dropbox, OneDrive and many other services hosting files and publish your best creations with the community of Home Design 3D on the official website.

A look at the 3 Interior Design Apps most downloaded from the Web

Let's move on to other Interior Design Apps, chosen among those that have the greatest success on the web:

1. Homestyler

Homestyler, for example, does not require experience as a technical designer but still gives you the opportunity to create complex floor plans, live a virtual tour of your personal project and, very important, includes a very advanced DWG loading interface, with a maximum size of 11 Megabyte for the design file, so as not to block the memory of the device. Unfortunately, for now, English, Chinese and French are the only languages supported in the application, which is much less detailed in design options than others.

2. 5D Planner

Not much different than Planner 5D: with over 3 and a half million registered users and 4.6 million shared interior design ideas, of which 190,000 marked as "preferred", it stands out as a popular but limited Interior Design App to the world of enthusiasts. Planner 5D, in fact, is presented primarily as free online software for mobile devices, allowing a limited number of design operations, suitable for those approaching for the first time to the subject. Ideal for "getting bones" in view of a real professional project, it becomes a real App only in the Premium paid version, without reaching the standards of the others.

3. Houzz

Not so Houzz, founded in Palo Alto, used by over 40 million global users, mostly architects and interior designers, who find 16 million high-resolution photos, available through filters of style, function, and location. The winning idea of this App is the ability to save images of projects and share them thanks to Idea books, personal albums of users, to send to customers and work colleagues. Houzz connects about two million industry professionals who can take care of the house team to build and furnish. Through the Sketch function, the environments are designed by annotating, drawing and adding the products advertised on the website. The App also offers the opportunity to highlight the professional profiles of interior designers and receive reviews from real customers.

You decide to design with an App, but focus on personalization.


Summing up: the Interior Design Apps available on the web are very useful to manage the architectural project of indoor and outdoor environments, whatever function they have and wherever they are. The possibility to verify the result, through an animated rendering shared with the client or with the work colleague together with the opportunity to spread your choices within a community, will benefit you a lot in your business if you are a designer 'Interior.

But beware: if you are a professional, you will be able to manage well the thousands of standardized proposals present in the App, taking out the personal result you are aiming for. If instead you are fasting design, I suggest you get help from a freelance Interior Design, which protects you from too commercial solutions proposed in the package.