How to Find a Job in the Tech Field after Graduating

By admin, 9 May, 2019

After spending years working hard to get a tech degree, you're ready to head across the stage and pick up your diploma so you can be on your way to securing a degree in your field. However, if you've never worked a tech job and you're just finishing up your degree, you may wonder where to start your job search. While the job market is good and you shouldn't be too concerned about finding a job, you should still take measures to help you execute a successful job search so you can start working sooner rather than later. Here are some helpful tips to help you find a job in the tech field after graduation.

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Polish Your Resume

Before applying for any jobs, not just those in the tech field, you should have a resume that's going to impress a potential employer against a stack of other resumes. You only have a few seconds to catch their attention as they sort through stacks of applicants, so it's important that your resume stand out. To do that, you should make sure it's easy to read and free of any glaring errors. Don't use multiple fonts and colors on your resume or you risk looking unprofessional. You should also be sure to list any experience you have in the tech industry, whether it's unpaid internships or previous work experience, to give yourself an edge over other candidates.

Work on Your Networking Skills

Many people get their jobs because they knew someone who knew someone who was looking for a suitable candidate. If you want to guarantee that you'll secure an interview in your field, you should prepare to work on your networking skills. Find other groups of like-minded professionals who are hosting a mixer and be sure to attend. There's still something to be said about in-person networking that can really make you stand out when it comes time to start the candidate search for a job. Even some people working in the highest paying tech jobs have had success by getting their foot in the door through networking opportunities, so don't overlook this important part of the process.

Be Flexible

To find a job in the tech field, you will likely have to be willing or open to relocation. Unless you have solid roots where you're currently located, you should be flexible and willing to consider relocating to wherever the job is. Try to broaden your job search outside your area, particularly if you've been searching for a few months with little success. More employers are allowing remote work these days, particularly in edgier fields such as tech, but many are still old fashioned and expect their employees to be physically present every day, so do yourself a favour and strongly consider keeping your options open when it comes to where you'll work. The more flexible you're willing to be, the more likely you'll land a career in your field.

Finding a job in the tech industry shouldn't be difficult, especially with so many of us relying on technology to survive. The key is to know how to get in front of the right employer, and then letting your resume speak for itself.

Careers To Consider

If you don't know where to look for a job or what direction you want to take your degree, it can be difficult getting started with your job search. However, there are several fields you can choose to work in that are currently booming for tech graduates, which can make your job search go quicker. Here are some of the top careers in the technology field that you may want to consider.

Web Developer

Web developing is a lucrative field and doesn't require an advanced degree to gain employment. In fact, a good web developer can secure a good career with as little as an associate's degree, meaning if you have an advanced degree you'll have a leg up over other candidates during the search process. There are new websites being created every day, and if you're good with design in addition to development, you'll be in even higher demand among employers.

Information Technology

Information Technology is another field that's always in demand. Information technology expertsare highly sought after for their expertise with data storage and retrieval, including how to safeguard that information if it's of a sensitive nature. If you're well versed in data storage and retrieval, you should have no problems finding a job in this ever-growing field, especially as data breaches become more common.

Software Engineer

Software engineers are always in high demand due to the high volume of programs that are needed by people all over the world each day. Just about every application on a computer exists thanks to a software engineer. As we continue to be reliant on technology to do our jobs and learn in classrooms, software engineers will continue to be in demand in the tech industry.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud technology is still relatively new technology considering how long other technologies such as the internet have been around. As people want to use more of the cloud, engineers will be in demand to fill the much-needed role of ensuring that servers are working properly and are secure against potential breaches.

Database Administrator

If you're looking to work for one company and help them run a smooth operation within their organization, then you may want to consider becoming a database administrator. These tech experts are responsible for ensuring that company information stays safely secure within the company's network, especially if it's of a sensitive nature. As we become more vulnerable to breaches, database administrators will continue to be in high demand.

Mobile Developer

The world is increasingly mobile, which means that systems are needed to support different functions on-the-go. Mobile developers are responsible for making technology compatible on mobile devices so people can have access to the things they need when they can't be at a computer. This job will be in high demand as long as we continue the trend of mobile reliance.

These are some of the most in-demand careers right now in the tech field and should be considered if you're not sure how to best utilize your tech degree.