How To Become A Better Writer As A Blogger

By gary, 10 April, 2015
How To Become A Better Writer As A Blogger

Every blogger wants to build a successful, high-traffic blog. Part of blogging is having a beautiful website, which you can accomplish by buying a premium quality theme. The other two aspects of blogging that are important include writing or content development and marketing or outreach. Today, we are going to discuss how to become a better writer and take your blogging to the next level.

We all want to write well. A big part of great writing is simply experience. You ever notice how some of the most popular bloggers just seem to make their content flow, and you wonder how they became such amazing writers. The good news is that there are several easy fixes that you can use to make your writing better right now.

Write Regularly

After you start your own blog, You absolutely need to practice writing. You wouldn't try to scale Mount Everest without ever climbing up a small hill first, and writing isn't any different. Don't expect the words to pour out magically. Like anything in life, exercising your skill will improve it.

Proofread and Edit Your Work

You may think of yourself as a “one-draft wonder,” but if you do, stop. Everyone needs to edit. There is no question that work improves after editing no matter who you are. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help, either. Professional writers and eminent professors edit work for one another every day.

To become a better writer, and therefore a better blogger, you need to constantly be refining your skills and finding ways to grow professionally.

Be Natural

You may think that the best writers throw out the most complicated phrases, but that's a myth. Your writing should stand out because of your underlying message and the reactions it illicits, not because it uses big words or complex sentence structures.

Read what you've written out loud. Are you writing like you talk? If you aren't, be sure that you are being straightforward and clear. You are in an intimate conversation with your reader. Don't shut them out. Just talk. Each and every sentence should sound just like you.

Don't Be All Talk - Choose Action

Many people who identify themselves as writers are actually just thinkers. They focus almost exclusively on their amazing ideas and almost never write them down. Remember these truths:

  • Many of our amazing ideas really aren't as fantastic as they seem in the moment. Writing them down helps us see if they stand the test of time. If you love your idea a week from now, then write about it.
  • Sometimes you will change your mind or just flat out be wrong about something. That is no reason, ever, to fail to write something down or have fear about recording an idea. Tell your readers you've been considering some idea, but haven't determined whether it is right or accurate yet.

Every time you choose action, your future ideas become stronger because you are refining your thought process and becoming a better writer.

Grasp The Obvious

Do not write what you imply. Make your paragraphs and sentence concise and pointed. Appreciate the beauty of efficiency. Learn to hate verbal clutter. A higher word count serves no one.

Take Your Time

You are a writer, so make time for that first. Don't shove writing in around the edges after everything else is done. Prioritize it so that you do it when you are at your most productive. Your vocation should never be an afterthought.


Too much information in one sentence conveys a lack of skill, not an abundance of knowledge. If you have a lot of information to give, dole it out in easily-digested chunks. Break up sentences with more than two or three bits of information into more than one phrase.

Write What You Mean

Never use trite language like clichés, homilies, or platitudes. Don't overuse descriptors like colors; choose the ones that matter and focus on them. Bring your ideas into dramatic focus by giving them the spotlight. Each one should have its own moment; don't overload sentences.

Be Task-Oriented

Set goals for yourself, and center them on what you produce. Don't worry about how long it takes you. What matters is your output. This is difficult some days, but it becomes a productive habit. Even when it's not a great day, you always produce something. This means that, if you're starting a fashion blog, don't give up after the first 6 months because you haven't made it big already. Keep producing great style tips.

Do Make Mistakes

Make them. Frequently. Write things that don't make sense. Put it down. Take a day off. And go back when you're done agonizing—but still bringing that pain. You're a creative person, and this is your process.

Are you ready to write better than you ever have before? You will. Just keep writing, editing, and turning the page. You will eventually find that you are exceeding your own personal bests and surprising yourself.