The Future Is React Native: Top 10 Popular Apps Made Using React Native

The Future Is React Native: Top 10 Popular Apps Made Using React Native

A cross-platform framework developed by the Facebook team, React Native is a JavaScript library that is designed for developing cross-platform native apps for both the Android and iOS app platforms. It is safe to say that the future of mobile app development will be dependent upon React Native but we do not know at what extent this framework is likely to be used. However, the constant increment in the use of React Native app development for mobile apps is dominating the app development domain. Enterprises from across the globe have begun to resort to this framework and for that very same reason; we have compiled some prominent and famous apps that are made on the React Native platform.

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud has worked on an app that allows SoundCloud users and artists to manage their accounts as well as collaborate with the music community. Pulse is solely dedicated to connecting artists from across the globe and in turn, allows them to stay updated with the comments, stats, and insights of their account. The reason why it has been made to be a react-native based app is that the creators wanted both the Android and iOS versions to be released together or without much delay. The use of React Native made this notion possible to achieve for the developers and designers.


As developed by Facebook itself, React Native has been used for the further enhancement of the Facebook mobile app. The core foundation of this framework was to simplify the design and development of an app by making the development phases quicker and dynamic. Facebook has now resorted to cross-platform app development using React Native and with millions of daily users on Facebook alone, the company has found the best possible framework to speed up its app development, maintenance, and upgrade processes.


The popularity of the React Native framework has now even reached to Microsoft as the company has upgraded Skype's Android app to a React Native-based platform. The upsurge in the use of React Native can be observed by the fact that conveys how Microsoft has preferred to use the framework instead of resorting to Xamarin. The main use of Skype, still, remains the same and it has always been to connect to others by video calling, chatting and sharing digital media. However, the incorporation of React Native has enhanced the performance of the app and its functionalities.


A social media and networking app that belongs to the Photo & Video category, Instagram has been around for quite some time. This app is now built on the React Native framework and has greatly benefited from it. With a simplistic user interface, users are allowed to share videos, photos and collaborate with users worldwide by sharing digital content. By using the React Native platform, it became easier for the developers to share the code and its components for both its Android and iOS apps.


Pinterest is a social networking platform that comes with a unique twist. The platform allows you to create an online board on which you can post, add and edit photos or infographics of your choice and even lets you customize your board according to your preference. With the recent updates, Pinterest has now based both it's Android and iOS apps on the React Native framework and in turn, the use of the shared code for cross-platform mobile apps shortened the development and maintenance time for the development team.

Facebook Ads Manager

Another app meant for Facebook, the Facebook Ads Manager is an app substitute for the ad management feature on the desktop version of the social media platform. Now this app has been powered by React Native and allows business profiles on Facebook to gain insights or stats about the performance of their apps. With a single app, you can keep in track of all the active ads you have on your Facebook page. As for the reason for using React Native, this framework let the Facebook team improve the navigation UI, animations and the load time for faster app loading.


A free-to-use voice chatting apps solely made for online gamer, Discord is also based on the application of React Native. The launch of Discord's React Native app was meant for its iOS version but within no time, the team released a similar Android version on the Play Store. The team did face difficulties in bringing the Android app to a React Native environment but the framework's ability to reuse code, allowed them to add the main features without the hassle. With the constant updates and improvements in its user interface and functionalities, Discord has become popular in the domain of online gaming.


The React Native-based app of Walmart has sped up the process of finding products, store navigation, and the entire purchasing process. The payment option is simplistic and can be processed in a fast-paced manner. The development team updated the Walmart app by integrating it with Node.js but soon after, the app had been integrated with React Native. The benefits this framework provided Walmart were that the app's performance on both the Android and iOS platforms was improved and not many resources were being consumed.

Uber Eats

As you already know, Uber is widely recognized as a transportation and ride-sharing app but it also has a food delivery app by the name, Uber Eats. This app is entirely made for scheduling food deliveries and such apps tend to become confusing to use. For that reason, the use of React Native was highly beneficial. In order to simplify the complex interface of Uber Eats, the React Native framework is the utmost selection for it. Cross-platform app development was made easier and the app experience became easier to use for the app users.


Belonging to the 'News' category in the app stores, Bloomberg is another perfect example of the incorporation of React Native into mobile apps. This integration was solely meant to give the users an engaging and interactive user experience while using the app to read news, view content and all sorts of digital media. The main concern of the company was to quicken the app's usability and load time therefore, the development team preferred to use React Native. The app now loads without lag and allows you to view the news feed straight away..


The apps we have mentioned are simply a few of the widely used React Native-based apps. The popularity of this framework is increasing over the years and soon we might be seeing apps that are entirely based on React Native. Therefore, the ability and performance of this platform should not be doubted, as it is likely to shape the future of cross-platform mobile app development.