Drupal is making Online Marketing Easier in 2016

There are so many content management systems (CMSs) nowadays. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla plus many others have been created to cater to the needs of various companies across the globe. The platform that you choose to work with is going to be informed by your ability to use it and of course the targets that you have for your website. Drupal, for a very long time now, has been touted to be the hardest of content management systems to use. At the same time, it has been praised for its impressive power. This is actually the reason why it continues to rank highly among the top CMSs that are available in the market.

If Drupal were not delivering excellent service then it would have been phased out probably as soon as it started. This is not the case. As a matter of fact, some of the world's finest websites are based on Drupal including the White House's site. This just goes to show how impressive Drupal can be when it is used properly. The biggest challenge that many users of Drupal have is the lack of content online and even offline to guide them whenever they are stuck. This is when you compare it to other CMSs like WordPress, which have thousands of resources online that you can use to guide you as you use the platform.

Drupal's contribution to SEO

Well, this challenge is still being sorted out. The past few months have seen a steady increase in the demand for Drupal and this in turn has caused the increase in content regarding the platform. Nonetheless, there has been another challenge that Drupal users have had to struggle with and this is search engine optimization (SEO). When you do not use SEO campaigns properly it will take a miracle from the heavens to make sure that your site is performing at its best.

Whereas WordPress helps a lot in this area, the same cannot be said about Drupal. Or rather, it would not have been said about Drupal some couple of years ago. If you run a self-hosted website on WordPress then you probably have experienced the fact that SEO is so much easier on this platform. There are thousands of widgets and plug-ins that you can employ for the work. Now Drupal is following suit. The thing about Drupal is that it is a platform with a great difference. With the increase in plug-ins that the CMS is enjoying, there is a lot to look forward to in SEO and generally in the field of marketing.

Marketing made easier on Drupal

Online marketing is the order of the day nowadays. There are so many things that you can do to boost your marketing campaigns online. It is not really a cheap affair but then when you do it correctly, you will get great returns on your investment. This article seeks to explore SEO in the Drupal platform. There are many ways that you can promote your Drupal website without having to spend a fortune in the process. Before going to these methods, it is important to point out that they are not different from the ones you would use on other CMSs. As you probably know by now, SEO is not one strategy but rather a large number of them. Some of the most popular strategies that are being employed by SEO professionals include:

1. Link building

Link building has been used since search engines came into being. Google recently revealed that link building has always been at the heart of their search algorithm. However, nowadays it is not so easy to build links. You have to create premium quality links if you are going to make returns from this effort. Luckily, there are so many ways that you can save yourself the heartache of having people refusing to link with you. A majority of Drupal sites rank highly among the authority sites that you should be linking with. It is rare to find Drupal websites that are spam sites. If you are based on Drupal then you are bound to be an authority in your field and for that reason you will have an easier time building links.

2. Content marketing

Content marketing is on the rise especially after link building became such a challenge for most people to handle. This one revolves around creation of high quality content to post on your site. It could be a blog article, video, podcast and such things. Guest posting is one of the ways to build links. If you have an authoritative site, other website owners will want to create posts for your site and link back to theirs. This is one of the strategies that are employed in content marketing and it works quite well.

Creating content is not an easy job because there are lots of other sites with the same content that you have created. You can come up with ideas that you would use to make the content you need. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge in content marketing is getting the content to be seen. Creating content is not enough, you have to market it.

3. Social media marketing

It is now possible to connect to social media platforms directly from your website. At the same time, you can post links to your site on your social media platforms. Social media marketing is one of those strategies that you can never fail to employ if you are running an SEO campaign. It would be extremely difficult to run these campaigns without harnessing the power that is packed in social media sites. Drupal has been adding features that make it easier for you to use your social media sites with more ease to run your marketing campaigns online.


Drupal is a really good platform nowadays. It is not hard to use as many people claim it is. You might require a bit of training at first but once you understand how to utilize it you will be good to go. When it comes to online marketing, Drupal has also made things easier for its users. Now you can employ the most common marketing strategies like content marketing, social media marketing and link building to get fantastic mileage through your SEO efforts.