Drupal 8: How Does it Holds Great Promises for Developers

By sarah, 25 November, 2014
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Drupal as a leading content management system continues to flourish as it has become more diverse, better and promising than ever before. Buoyed up by the success of Drupal 7, the webmasters of Drupal are now coming up with the latest Drupal 8, thus creating a positive wave of change, which aids in building a great future for Drupal. With the focus to make Drupal more project-oriented and flexible, Drupal 8 can be seen as a tool for expansion and modernization that definitely makes Drupal a great choice.

There were quite a few rough spots in the last Drupal installments that have been duly addressed in Drupal 8. Here's what it has in store for you.

1. Object-Oriented Approach: A Way to Attract Entries for New Developers

All the previous versions of Drupal including Drupal 7 utilized a procedural approach to perform the scripting process. This way, the codes willl be always executed in the same way every time the script is run. Although, procedural scripts are reliable but they suffer from the lack of customization credences. It's good to be reliable, but to utilize it fully, developers will have to built familiarity with the coding procedure, and also the chronological order in which the codes are executed.

Drupal 8 is developed by keeping the project-oriented approach in mind, which means execution of scripts will be more active and strong. With this approach, Drupal 8 can be viewed as a platform running like a true API. Newbies will love it, since they will work on a framework which is familiar to them such as C++ and Javascripts.

2. Twig Framework: Makes Theme Development More Dynamic

The theme plays a crucial role in developing a website as it distinguishes it from its peers in terms of look, feel, and functionality. The previous versions of Drupal utilized PHP framework to create and execute themes. In Drupal 8, there is something different as it is developed by using twig framework. The framework is like a gift for front-end-developers as it integrates powerful tools to streamline the theme development process. Twig speeds up the process and makes it easy for developers to achieve their goals by running only few lines of codes.

3. Spark Enhances the Content Editing Process

Drupal 8 provides a variety of ways to its users to streamlined the process of creating and editing content with ease. Its latest Spark framework in fully integrated with Drupal core which gives various functions to the user to such as

WYSIWYG will be made more user-friendly with drag and drop features
You'll have more power about how you save your content
Content can become more reliable with authoring (more like Google doc) and administrative support functions

The above mentioned points clearly state that your writers will no longer struggle hard with the interface and they'll focus more on creating good quality content.

4. A More Refined Toolbar for Centralized Navigation

Your navigation design plays a huge role in determining the user experience on your website as it helps them to switch between multiple dimensions of your website. And, in Drupal 8, you'll be impressed to see how efficiently webmasters have redesigned its navigation system. Drupal 8 comes with a an intuitive toolbar that appears at the top of the page for authors or content editors.

The feature is further streamlined as authors are provided with the freedom to bookmark the content of their choice.

5. Multiple Accessibility Options Helps You To Garner Your Visitors Attention

Drupal 8 comes complete with a host of accessibility options, which expand your users experience on your site. The options include:

Large fonts and clear fonts are provided for visually impaired people
Supports Braille to help blind people to access the site with ease
Screen reader
A more dynamic multilingual support

In the midst of intense competition, the more strong is your reach, the better you'll be equipped to create an impressive user base for your business, and Drupal 8 is developed with the aim to bring content to a variety of markets and even to those who are visually challenged.


After gaining an insight into the significant features that contribute to the competitive abilities of Drupal 8, it can be said that Drupal developers can easily experiment with the new challenges and opportunities in a more refined and modernized way.

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