Do not Compromise! Development is for Google and Design is for the Audience!

Do not Compromise! Development is for Google and Design is for the Audience!

The modern era is all about technology and the digital world. Unlike the older times, people are now inclined towards a digital world more than the actual world. What is the reason behind digital inclination? It is merely the ease which is offered by the digital platforms. From finding desired information to getting the desired product simply by sitting at home is what attracts the people. A major part of the customer base looks up a business online before reaching out to it. It does not matter whether your business is providing a service or product - an online presence is a must. An online presence does not only mean social media presence, mostly it is the web presence with a quality website. There are a number of benefits of having a website - the most important one out of which is the improved marketing. Great websites attract customers as well as Google. Some other benefits include

First Impression

Even if your business is operated mostly offline, your website is the first point of contact for the customers. Sometimes customers go to the website merely to have a look at your products, get an estimate of the prices or to get the address of your stress. In each case, it gets the first impression on the customer and if your business does not have a website it leaves a slightly negative impression. Moreover, a faulty website leaves a worse impression and it might show off as your non-serious attitude towards the business operations.

Business and Credibility and Trust

You might find it weird and might also unacceptable but the majority of the business credibility and customer's trust depend on how efficiently your website works. If the customer lands on an attractive website with no bugs, he is more likely to believe in your work and market competency. A properly constructed and functional website gives an impression of the business having full control over their operations and being on-board with the latest trends being followed by the industry.

A website also helps the business to build or break its customer base. If the website is not credible, the customer would not trust the business with their money. Any potential customer would immediately cancel his plan of investing with you if the website does not gain his trust. According to a study, 75% of people judge a business' credibility based on its website efficiency. Look at it the simpler way. Would you be willing to spend with a person who does not look trustworthy and promising? Any sensible person would say no similar goes for websites. It is the first impression, the customer would not go ahead with investing his money on your products and services.

Excellence and Competence

With the advancements in the world, competition for excellence is constantly increasing. People compete on a personal level as well as on a business level. A perfectly designed and fully responsive website will help you to stand out in the market and excel against your competitors. You will need to have an excellently developed website along with a design which is customer and market-friendly. Only then you will be able to gain extra points in the market and your clients would prefer you over your competitors.

A perfectly considered SEO for your website will help you to bring your brand on a higher level on search engines. Coming and staying on the first few pages of Google is considered as excellent marketing as that immediately brings the brand in customer's notice. Just like a beautiful webpage attracts customers, excellent backend procedures attract Google and therefore web development must be given proper attention.

Brand Image and Message

The website is the visual presentation of your brand message. The website showcases the business's official logo, its message, and the other relevant information. The main purpose of the website is to vividly represent the brand image and purpose to the customer. You should carefully plan and design the logo of your business. Hire a professional designer or assign the task to any logo designer. The logo should be the one which could stay for a long time since it becomes your identity. Constantly changing the logo will leave a negative impression on the consumers' base and it might also confuse them as your identity would not be consistent.

After the logo, make sure the web designing and the colors used in it are market and customer appropriate. Deciding the colors does not only depend on what looks pleasing to the eyes. It goes way beyond. Few other things which should be well-thought before planning the color scheme include the type of your desired customers, the personality of your brand, and most importantly the region of your targeted audience. Different regions have different perception about various colors and it is mostly deeply rooted in people's minds. Therefore the colors included in your website must be decided considering that factor.

Brands with consistent brand message and brand image are more likely to be recognized by the customers. Make sure your brand image and message do not change much constantly. The website design can change with new trends, however, even that should not affect the basic color scheme of the website as just like the logo base color of a brand is its identity as well.

The development and design of the website play a huge role in the success of most businesses. Gradually, offline businesses have also started making their web presence more user-friendly tech-savvy to gain recognition and consideration among the competitors. However, the trends in development and designing of websites keep changing and improving with time. Since people are becoming savvier, it is important for the website to be developed and designed according to the expectations and demands of the customers. Every year new trends are introduced to improve the web experience for the people. Following are some of the trends expected in 2019.

  • Mobile compatible and responsive designs.
  • Unlike older times, websites will be first developed in the mobile format and then the desktop format.
  • Smooth - minimalist and clean looking designs will be made necessary to enhance user experience.
  • Asymmetrical and broken grid layouts will become more popular.
  • Simple geometrical shapes would be added to the standard layout in order to make the web experience engaging and attractive yet minimalistic.
  • The content will be placed on a single page so that the users can easily scroll down to their desired section even when exploring the website on a mobile phone.
  • Page load time will have a huge impact on the Google ranking and the website should be fest and least time-consuming.
  • Video backgrounds are becoming a famous thing in the website designing and development world.

Website development and designing is a fast field having a huge impact on a business's sales and online presence. In the current era, one must get an attractive and responsive website made before launching their business in order to make sure the marketing game is always perfect. Apart from that, they also need to be aware of the latest trends and styles n order to keep their website updated and according to the customer's expectations and demands.