Boost Performance of Your Wordpress Site With These Amazing Plugins

By admin, 10 December, 2018

All things being equal, it’s often the plugins used by internet marketing services providers which help in boosting the performance of their client’s WordPress websites. With hundreds of new plugins being introduced every day, selecting the right ones can be a daunting task. Here are some of the plugins a digital marketing agency can use to draw traffic, make sales and keep the hackers away:

One Signal

Often when you visit a website, you see a little message pop up saying, “Would you like push notifications?” If you click the “Yes” button, the plugin will gather your information and send out push notifications through your browser. Installing this plugin in your WordPress website will allow you to effortlessly distribute content to website visitors who agree to receive push notifications.

One Signal plugin is free and each time you send out a post, create a new project or add a new product to your eCommerce website, subscribers will be notified via browser so they can click on it and be redirected to your website. It’s a very convenient way to get people to visit your website and many internet marketing services providers recommend using the plugin in clients’ websites.


Icegram gives the ability to have popups on your website and pop-up bars on top your website. You can make announcements in the bar, create pop-up subscriptions, slide-in messages and email notifications. If that’s not enough, it also provides different message styles such as overlays, sidebars, tabs, badges, ribbons and other add-ons. It is a very useful plugin and is trusted by over 20,000 users around the world including many internet marketing services providers.

All-in-One WP Migration

Security is probably one of the most important things on your websites and if you are not using All-in-one WP Migration then you're missing out because this plugin I will actually take a copy of your website and download it to your desktop. If your website crashes, you can upload the downloaded version to a new site. This is one of the best plugins you can use to back up everything on your website for free giving you complete peace-of-mind that if ever your website crashes or is hacked, you will be able to get it up and running quickly, instead of recreating everything from scratch.

Really Simple SSL

If you don't have an SSL on your website, visitors will hesitate to visit it, fearing that their computer could be infected by a virus. There are two steps to installing SSL on your WordPress site. The first step is to buy an SSL certificate and the second is to actually install SSL. Installing an SSL, can be quite complex and would normally require the help of an internet marketing services provider. Installing Really Simple SSL, makes the installation process simple, so even a non-tech person can install it.

Moreover, if you have an SSL and it's not working it will force the SSL to work. So let's say you have an SSL but are getting an error message when attempting to install it on your website. Instead, when you use the Really Simple SSL plugin, you can install the SSL in just a few clicks.
Once you have SSL installed, visitors will have more confidence in visiting your site and you will find an immediate boost in traffic.

WP Fastest Cache

If you are not caching your websites, you should be because it makes your site much faster. WP Fastest Cache is one of the fastest cache plugins. It works by creating static HTML files using the dynamic files from a WordPress site. It also has additional features such as the ability to delete cached files from an options page, blocking caches for specific pages, deleting cached files at a particular time and enabling or disabling cache options for mobile devices.

WPS Hide Login

This plugin allows a user to change the URL of the login page to anything they like. It does not change the files or add rewrite rules. All it does is intercepts page requests on a WordPress site. It makes the wp-admin directory and also the wp-login.php inaccessible. As a result, an attempt to hack the website will be thwarted. If the plugin is deactivated, the site goes back to the state it was before the plugin was installed.

WP Smush

What this plugin does is compresses all of your images and it gets rid of all that extra space to make your site load faster. Imagine you have like 30 megabytes of pictures, WP Smush will try and compress the images as much as possible without losing resolution and quality to make it around 15 megabytes. You can get a 35% reduction in size which decreases loading time. It is an amazing plugin which will smush all images on your website at one time.


In a world where people are accustomed to instant gratification and where people expect immediate responses, Live Chat is an invaluable plugin now being used by digital marketing agency experts to enable businesses to respond instantly to prospects and customers, without picking up the phone. Once installed, LiveChat can help solve customer queries, build better relationships and reduce the number of email enquiries your business receives, which will free up a customer service executives time.

Aside from this, LiveChat offers several customisation options such as adding a company logo and themes to customise the look of the chat window. LiveChat also integrates with third-party services such as MailChimp, Dropbox and others, which makes it convenient to use.


From small businesses to expert internet marketing services providers, anyone serious about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will tell you that Yoast is probably one of the most sought-after plugins. Basically, Yoast indexes your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, telling people what your website is all about. It takes all that content and it puts it on the search engines and makes it display how you want it to. While on page optimisation accounts for just 30% of SEO, it is still a big part of SEO and Yoast is a great plugin which displays your website on the search engines in the way you want.


Elementor is one of the best free page builders available for WordPress. It has amazing features which make building web pages inside a website super easy. The instant drag and drop builder allows live edits and is fast which makes it easy to use. It also enables users to view what the web page looks like even as it is being designed. The plugin has over 100 templates which can be customised and also over 300 blocks which internet marketing services provider can combine to build unique pages. The templates can be saved and reused on different pages or can be exported to a different website with a single click.


If you are selling physical products, WooCommerce is a plugin which makes it easy to design eCommerce stores. It is an open source plugin and allows users to customise pages and add an unlimited number of products. The built-in blogging platform enables users to publish content which engages visitors and is helpful in building a powerful brand. WooCommerce is built for the purpose of selling, and aside from physical products, it is equipped to sell digital and affiliate products as well. It integrates with leading shopping carts and can auto-detect a customer’s location to simplify shipping and tax calculation.

These are just a small fraction of what WooCommerce is capable of, and with some help from a digital marketing agency, there are no limits to scaling a business.


Wordfence is a robust security plugin with over 2 million active WordPress installations and constantly monitors websites looking for malware. The software has both versions – free and paid. The paid version has additional features and offers premium support. The deep WordPress integration ensures that the encryption is not broken and data is not leaked. The built-in malware scanner blocks any requests that contain malicious code and also defends against hacker attacks by limiting attempts to login. The premium version has additional features block requests from malicious IPs and protects your website and also reducing its load.

These are some of the plugins which a reputed digital marketing agency will install to help boost the performance of their clients’ websites. As the business grows, other plugins can be added, depending on immediate and long-term goals.