Benefits of Software Call Center in the cloud ?

If there is something clear in the world of business, is that all companies that sell products or services should have a customer service department to resolve the doubts and problems of their customers. A Call Center is one that provides the company with the necessary elements so that, with a centralized telephone service, it establishes mutually beneficial relationships with its customers, suppliers, etc. "It is a functional unit within the company (or well a company in itself) designed to handle large volumes of incoming and outgoing telephone calls to and from its customers, with the purpose of supporting the day-to-day operations of the entity

Any company that has a call center service for receiving calls can enjoy a more serious business image and a greater commitment to its customers. A customer's telephone service will always be faster and more objective than personal attention, since waiting times are much shorter and the employees in charge of the service can solve the problem easier and more objectively. A good part of the call centers still operate with outdated technologies and software, which do not adapt to the needs or communication preferences of the clients. A quick way to accompany the growing expectations of customers is to adopt call center solutions in the cloud and Call Center Software.

Some benefits of Call Center Software

The development of the cloud-based call canter in recent years has been due to the low cost of infrastructure and the ease of migration. Thanks to this, companies manage to use new technologies without needing to acquire new solutions, and minimize the cost of licenses.

1. Rapid implementation

As there is no physical infrastructure, the implementation is faster, and the configuration is done through the control panel.

2. Scalability and flexibility

As the solution is hosted in the cloud, the company can adapt the solution according to interaction traffic and business needs.

3. Work from home

As the solution is available 100% online, agents can make home office, which reduces infrastructure costs and provide a better quality of life, as they do not need to travel to go to the company.

4. Optimization of business

The call canter in the cloud avoids hardware failures that cause prolonged downtime in the service. As employees have access to the solution from anywhere, just be connected to the internet to avoid the system crash.

5. Performance improvements

By having a call canter in the cloud, the company can concentrate on the performance of its agents to increase overall productivity and leave system maintenance to the solution provider.

6. Customer service

As users have access through their preferred channel, the cloud call center improves their experience, since it offers a quick implementation of new service channels.

7. Monitoring and analysis

With the use of APIs, call canter managers in the cloud can track and monitor metrics, and collect the necessary information to improve customer service.

8. Increased reliability

In the cloud, SLAs are guaranteed at 99.99%. This means that the platform will only be inactive 0.01% of the time, which means less than one hour per year.

Customers are increasingly smart and mobile, and have probably already tried to solve a problem through self-service. But if they try to call an agent, either by phone or social networks, it is likely to be a more complex problem. Choosing the right platform to serve you can be an important factor in generating loyalty.

Characteristics of Call Canter software

Next we are going to analyze some of the basic needs that we should expect from software for Call Canter in our selection process. It is important that if we offer a multichannel customer service then we should look for a single solution that integrates all the channels.

General characteristics of the Call Canter software are

  • Multichannel Administration
  • Multichannel agent application
  • Statistics and reports
  • Multichannel ticket / case management
  • Smart customer management
  • Team management
  • Schedule of work schedules for your team
  • Service Management
  • Collaborative tools
  • Remote agents


Increase the productivity of your agents and improve the experience of customers who access your call centre should be one of the priority issues. These are some of the characteristics that we must offer our service team and our customers.

Characteristics Chat for Call Centres are

  • Multiple chat sessions
  • Transfer of chats
  • Chat whispering
  • Real-time customer information
  • Automatic welcome message
  • Co browsing
  • Configurable
  • Smart predefined answers
  • Pre-chat form
  • Load balancing
  • Statistics and KPIs
  • JavaScript API
  • Real-time conversations
  • Integration with Google Analytics


Reducing your costs in technology should be the priority objective in your business. If your solution is in the cloud and totally web you can do without Soft phone licenses or voip phones. A powerful (and easy) creator of IVR is also necessary; administrators can define the behaviour of incoming calls in seconds. Our creator of IVR is designed so that any manager or supervisor can use it since it does not require any advanced knowledge of telephony.

Voice / telephony features for Call Centres are

  • Creator of IVR
  • No need for software / hardware
  • Voice recording
  • KPI statistics
  • Load balancing
  • VoIP


Improving the response time and productivity of your team and your business should also be a priority. You must be able to manage all the incoming messages of the clients that access your call center under the same platform.

Email features for Call Centres are

  • Incoming mail management
  • Fully configurable and customizable
  • Statistics and KPIs

Social networks

Social networks have been erected as a perfect bridge to the customer, customer service platforms must have this leg contemplated.

Characteristics of Social Networks for Call Centres are

  • Social Networks Omni-Channel
  • Resolution of incidents directly
  • Virility of opinions of our company
  • Critical mass control

So if you are going to buy software for your call center then make sure that you are going to choose the best one.