9 Android Wear Apps You Must Use

By katerosie, 25 June, 2015
9 Android Wear Apps You Must Use

Now android wear watches are available in full gear and ultimately handed over to the consumers who love them. The increasing popularly of these wears has motivated other manufactures too who have announced making of newer wears and with this latest trends, developers have sensed OS potential and a number of apps have already been released that are fully compatible with it. Now consumers have something of real interest for them and play store has also been flooded with variety of apps that are designed to support wears. Some of the popular apps are described here.

1: Find My Phone

If you are one of those who often forget their phones wherever they go, you are going to love Find My Phone because this app will help you never forget your phone again. If you go to a date and leave your phone behind when leaving, you will feel that vibration of your wearable that will remind you about your phone. Moreover, you can also set an alarm which will go off if you go far from it. You can set up the alarm as per your needs such as:

  • Set up alarm volume
  • Gradual increase in volume
  • Turn on or off vibration
  • Chose favorite ringtone
  • Adjust screen brightness
  • Turn on Flashlight

2: Wear Mini Launcher

Most people don’t like when they have to scroll through long list of apps to find the one that they want to open and if they don’t remember the name that is another problem. However, the problem has been resolved by Wear Mini Launcher which has been exclusively designed to launch apps quickly. You can even make changes to the device such as adjusting brightness, changing WIFI state etc. If you have an Android Wear Device, the Wear Mini Launcher App is for you; however, currently it is compatible with the following devices:

  • LG G Watch
  • LG G Watch R
  • LG G Watch Urbane
  • Samsung Gear Live
  • Asus Zenwatch
  • Sony SmartWatch 3
  • Moto 360

3: Wear Apps Tracker

When you are using a phone, you can easily install an app and know whatever is happening in your phone because you are getting confirmation screens and notifications but these features are missing in android wear devices and when you install an app in your wear, you don’t get any notifications if the app has been installed or not. However, if you have installed Wear Apps Tracker in your device, you receive notifications whenever you install, update or remove an app from your wearable. Some of its features are:

  • Get quick notifications
  • Turn on/off notification
  • Access a list of third party apps
  • Refresh apps list
  • Manage the list

4: Evernote for Android Wear

If you have used Evernote in your phone for taking notes, you would surely love to know about the Evernote for Android Wear which will quickly let you see the notes right on your wrist and you can even create notes only by using your voice. This simple app will help you take notes and create checklist while your phone is still inside your pocket. Some of the key features of Evernote:

  • Give voice command to create notes
  • Tap the watch to check on or off to-dos
  • Speak to create to-does
  • Speak text to find notes
  • Read relevant notes

5: Showear: Android Wear Lock

Normally android wear devices don’t have lock screen and most of the people might not need it, however, when it comes to the need, showear is one of the best apps which will enable you to set a sequence unlock that you might have already used in your phone. If you are looking for the most configurable android wear lock screen, Showear is the answer. Some of the features of this app are as follow:

  • Lock screen
  • Unlock screen
  • Auto lock
  • Hide Lock
  • Set vibration
  • Adjust screen brightness when locked
  • Color configuration of lock screen

6: Attopedia for Android Wear

If you are looking for huge resources of information, Wikipedia is the best place but when you want to get quick access to the information resources, Attopedia can also be used which is an app for Android Wear. This is an open source and free to use app that browse wiki info on smart watches. Though, currently it is supportive only for English, soon its updated version will be released to support other major languages too.

7: Web Browser for Android Wear

Web Browser for Android Wear is a complete and comprehensive type of web browser that can run on your smartwatch and it will also show the history and bookmarks from chrome. If you have this app in your watch, it can still be active when your phone is off. Some of its features are as follow:

  • Quick web search
  • Text or voice commands
  • Access to history and bookmarks
  • Mini keyboard
  • Keyboards with more than 6 languages
  • Select your language
  • Support with HTTP as well as HTTPS

8: Wear Camera Remote

Don’t you want to stay out of the group photo? Install Wear Camera Remote App in your Android Wear Device to control camera in your phone. You can even set a timer to get a perfect shot. When you are wearing a smartwatch, you can use remote control to view your phone camera. Some of the features of this app are:

  • Mount your camera on something
  • Easily take better selfies
  • Take group shots
  • Switch cameras
  • Set self-timer
  • Flash control

9: Calc Wear (Android Wear)

Calc Wear is a calculator right on your wrist which you can use to do your math. It is a fully functional calculator but it is also important to mention here that it only works with android smart watches. Currently it includes the following:

  • Basic Calculator
  • Advanced Calculator
  • Matrix Calculator
  • Graphical Calculator
  • Conversion Calculator
  • Mechanics Calculator
  • Statistics Calculator

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