8 Ways To Quickly Increase Site Sales

The number of people that are buying from online stores is constantly growing. The sales from e-commerce websites were at $33 billion in 2012 and a really large part of it is mobile shopping. We see a clear increase in the number of mobile shoppers and even the really big brands started to heavily invest in online shopping. Increasing site sales is a huge priority for many business managers but since this is rather new in shopping as a whole, it is normal to see some problems. There is a clear lack of knowledge about how to increase website sales. Many mistakes are made and in most cases the managers simply have no idea what decision would be good and what decision would be bad. You can choose out of various different business moves and modifications. However, remember that most of them are going to take a really long time to get implemented. Do be sure that you analyze different options so you can choose the very best one.

If your goal is to increase site sales, you can consider the following tips. They are going to help you much more than what you think at the moment.

Create A Single E-Commerce Goal

It is important that you focus on a single e-commerce goal. When you focus on too many there is a very good possibility you are going to get mediocre results instead of optimal results. Focusing on one goal, like increasing traffic or conversion optimization, allows you to do really good work. Once everything is optimized and you have good results, you can move towards the next.

Investing Money In The Right Tools

There are so many really good free tools and resources that are available, like WordPress. You definitely need to consider such options but there are many cases in which saving money is a bad idea. Business managers have to be ready to pay for some things as higher quality is necessary. For instance, you may want to invest in graphic design or you want to hire a highly experienced project manager. Think about the different investment opportunities that are available for your business and see if you need high quality with some services or tools.

Lower Website Speed

A really simple thing that you can do is to check the site with the use of a smartphone. This is going to show you if loading time is appropriate. In the event you wait way too long before the site loads, making modifications becomes mandatory. Improving speed is one of the simplest things you can do in order to increase website sales. If the site load time is too long, people are not going to want to waste their time so they will look for what they want somewhere else.

Discounts, Special Deals And Coupons

Offering such deals is a really good idea because people always want to find a bargain. Offering something like a discount to Target can get potential customers interested. In many cases even a very small discount or extra perk is more than enough to increase e-commerce sales. Remember that you do not always need to offer very large discounts or give coupons that offer free products. Even a very small discount is going to be effective. At the very least, a discount for the first purchase can be considered.

Remember that you do not always need to offer very large discounts or give coupons that offer free products. Even a very small discount is going to be effective. At the very least, a discount for the first purchase can be considered. Let's say you are running an SEO business and you want to promote a service to sell quality backlinks to sites, like this one. In this case it is worthwhile offering an initial discount to all the people that would buy from you. If this is not a possibility, you still should consider offering bulk rates so that people buy more for you. Less profit appears on each individual order but on the long run the profit is higher because of volume.

Mobile Optimization

You need to be sure that you plan for the mobile shoppers. The site has to perfectly resize itself based on visitor device screen size. Visual content that is created for the person that is on the go is always a really good idea. At the same time, the CTAs you use and buttons you add need to be "tap friendly". This means that it is easy to use them on a mobile device. In many cases those that are used are too small and cannot be tapped with ease by a person. That would reduce potential customers.

Create Sales Funnels

Whenever selling something online a sales funnel needs to be in place. This practically means you are guiding the visitors to some site parts where items can be purchased without extra distractions. Optimizing sales pages is definitely something that you have to do but at the same time, you need to be sure you are going to direct people to those site parts that would lead to more sales in the near future. Sales funnels are highly important these days for all sites. Competition is stiffer and everything you do in order to increase conversion rates will help.

Free Shipping

The number of sites that are now offering free shipping is quickly growing and there is a really simple reason for that: it works. Whenever people are offered something free they are going to be interested. Amazon is a clear example of a website that does this right. If you cannot add free shipping, you can always modify the prices in order to cover you for paying the shipping costs of the clients.

Focusing On SEO

Some will say that SEO is dead but this is definitely not the case. A part of search engine optimization is creating really high quality content. Video will also help out a lot as it tends to rank higher when properly paired up with text. SEO will help you on the long run, bringing in results for a really long period of time. Other forms of online marketing will only work as you put money into advertising or the campaign itself.

Extra Tips To Consider

Always be aware of what the competition is doing. This is very important since it will help you to avoid making many mistakes and implement campaigns that would actually work. Take full advantage of the data that comes in through Google Analytics and learn what you can about your target customers. The more you know about who is likely to buy your products, the better the campaigns you create to sell something to them! Also, it is really important to keep testing so you know the modifications you made were good.