7 Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

Undoubtedly the development of mobile application is one of the world's persistently growing fields. The developed ones and in addition the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are intensely after the mobile app development trends by understanding the suitability of having a mobile application in their promotional strategies. Some years back none of us have even thought that we would be utilizing an application on our cell phone to call a taxicab late at night, book a table in a restaurant, and even fix an appointment with doctors! The cell phone, has literally took over control and thus mobile has brought revolutionary changes in the market! The great times are not yet over. 2016 ushers is bringing yet more for us - here are some primary mobile application patterns you should be get prepared for.

Developers of mobile applications are as of now working broadly to work ahead and get familiar with recent advancements and technologies, so this calls for fresh trends to anticipate in 2016. So in order to get prepared for one year from now in the realm of mobile application development, we must know what are the new revolutionary trends. Here's everything you need to know about the mobile app development trends!

1. Swift goes swifter

From last few years, the greater part of the mobile app developers community, have added to their projects utilizing the customary techniques, for example, HTML, Objective C and C++. However, in the year 2014, with the arrival of Apple's Swift, it became famous as the most well known language of development, hand-picked by all designers and mobile app development company, together. The majority of the application designers have incorporated Swift with LinkedIn, Vine and Yahoo additionally and now all the magnificent organizations of the world have shifted to this language. Speaking about the future, Swift has a splendid future, as the one who produces it are employing on its desktop-version which is known as Perfect.

Therefore, apparently it means that coders can, now, manage to make both server-side management channel or mobile application on Swift which requires the language prominence to take off considerably higher!

2. Internet of Things becomes the show-stealer

Internet of Things (IoT) has already, by now, become a major element in mobile trends. Internet of Things is helping the companies and industries create around $19 Trillion of Value at Stake. It is ready to take up the application development as its next and upcoming prospects. Especially between the years 2014 and 2019, it is expected to grow exponentially.

3. Security is primary

Gartner's report (2014) revealed that 4/5 mobile app would hopelessly come up short security tests. This issue, may be, came as startling to which designers have buckled down on tending to this year and looking ahead, this primary center will get over the end in 2016 too! The iOS 9, platform, is consolidated with top of the line security highlights whilst Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow is additionally going to turn up its security conventions. With applications on the ascent which stores to a major data, for example, details of credit cards and other legal and crucial data, developers can't stand to let free and disregard the security concerns in their applications amid the development and phase of deployment.

4. Welcome Wearable gadgets

Google Glass stood out as truly newsworthy content a year ago and the year prior to the last, however the enthusiasm for wearable innovation does not appear to blur - because of accomplishment of Apple Watch. The test has become far superior for WatchKit designers this year as watchOS2 got launched for the current year. Hence, from just creating application augmentations for the Apple Watch, to applications whose rationale and technicalities is available in-built in the gadgets, itself. Lately, the complete tally of uses for the Apple Watch hit 10000 - before the end of 2016, it's gone for developing more by a wide margin.

5. All for free

Recently, there are right around 3/4th mobile applications which are all for free, and as indicated by a study done by Gartner, this number is going to ascend to 93% by 2016! The basic income generation power for both iOS and Android mobile app developers are in-app purchase and aggregate sum of mobile applications are going to creep towards 310 billion! Another fascinating pattern to anticipate are hybrid apps (or as such mobile web applications) which are anticipated to become well known. On the other hand, for this trend to really happen, we all need to hold up and watch!

6. Application to become Cloud-y

During the time 2015, the cloud innovation has assumed a key part in the mobile app development. Its outcome is impactful to the point that the fashion is going to proceed in future as well. The sudden ascents in the cloud-based applications are really for two noteworthy reasons. Above all, thankfully, the cloud support keeps the span of the application relatively littler than its genuine size in the mobile gadgets. This aides in keeping the ideal harmony between the memory and data transmission issues of the mobile phone. Secondly, application matching up has ended up simpler with different devices at once with the backing of cloud innovation. This implies the cloud backing is perfect over all gadgets. Therefore, now app developer can create same application for numerous devices, with precisely same usefulness, information and specifications.

7. M-Commerce at its standard

Experts believe, the m-commerce would continue being in fashion till coming 4 years. The more customers get smart devices the greater boost m-commerce shall get. These days, instead of using bank cards, considerable number of people is inclining towards making purchases through Google wallet and Apple Pay. This is giving a push to m-commerce. The simple strategy for completing the payment procedure without the physical need of credit/Visa is an indication of the impressive number of developer to make more such applications that would allow the customers to make online payment without essentially using debit/credit cards.

8. Content Driven

According to most of the app marketers, they have discovered that most of their methods that would work for them in the past, hardly had any effect when they were used on mobile devices. Mobile application marketing simply needs its strategy of its own as it varies from brand to brand and also the audience you are targeting at. But the common factor that should be kept in mind during mobile marketing is - consumers get highly irked by excessive marketing on their devices, so a content driven approach is highly vital and must be adopted by businesses.

How well you customize your application promoting furthermore the content inwardly, is a primary element to evaluate achievement. In the event, that you have a system to track the information connected with how your target group clients are cooperating with your application, you can redo and create your content in like manner to the client's advantage! It's been an attempted and tried technique - nothing enhances an advertiser's project like upgrading the significance and messaging content.
Besides, from the above, there are many more mobile application trends to anticipate one year from now, for example, the development of big business applications, HTML5, mobile application gaming and tons more! We should hold up and watch.