6 reasons to redesign your website in 2019

6 reasons to redesign your website in 2019

In this publication, we will show six reasons why you should update your website. We will also see the benefits you will discover when you implement these strategies. Keep reading to learn more about how you can improve your website in 2019!

1. Your navigation presents a challenge

When your audience accesses your website, you want them to move easily through your pages. You do not want them to struggle to find the necessary information they need. If you have poor navigation, it will make it difficult for your audience to find the correct information on your site. It is crucial that your audience can find the correct information on their pages. If it is too difficult to find what they need, your audience will leave your page and choose a page from the competition. You are not interested in losing leads in the competition due to bad navigation.

You will want to test your pages to see how easily people can find the information. You can ask a family member or friend to find a page on your site and see how easily they can get there. This will help you understand how someone who is not familiar with your site navigates it for the first time. If you have difficulty finding your pages, your site may need a redesign. The redesign of a website will help you create a simple and easy to use navigation.

You will want to categorize different tabs on your web page to make it easier for someone to find your information. Generic headers that can fit into multiple subcategories below them work better. For example, let's say you have a catering business. One of your tabs can be titled "Services". Under this tab, you can include multiple categories, such as weddings, birthdays and corporate events. This breaks down all the categories into subcategories, which facilitates access to their users.

If your website has a challenging navigation, it's time for a redesign. The redesign of a website will allow you to create a navigation that keeps the potential customers involved in your page for more time.

2. You have updated your brand

To keep up with changing times, you must update your brand. You do not want your brand to be stuck in the past. The design of a 1999 brand will not have an echo in your audience in 2019. You must redesign your website from website designer if you want to keep up with your audience.

If you have updated your brand recently or are thinking of doing so, update your website to match. Your site should accurately reflect your business. If you do not, you could lose brand recognition and quality leads. This presents an opportunity for you to modernize your website. You can update your design, navigation, and visual elements. As a result, you will create a website that is more visually appealing to your audience in 2019.

3. The leads do not stay on your website

When you receive traffic on your site, you want people to stay on your pages. Your website is the first impression your audience gets from your business. If people leave your site soon after finding it, you may need to reconsider their design. You do not want to continue losing traffic due to poor design. It may be time to redesign your website if you are getting traffic to your site but have trouble retaining that traffic.

The loss of traffic is a good reason to redesign your website for 2019. It will help make your site more modern and updated, which will generate more interest in your website. A new design can have a big impact on the way your audience interacts with your company's page.

The redesign of a website will help you lower your bounce rate and convert that traffic into potential customers for your business.

4. Your website is slow

Users hate waiting for slow loading of the pages. They want to access information quickly and easily. If your page takes too long to load, your potential customers may end up going to your competitor's website instead of yours. From its coding to its visual elements, there are different aspects of its web page that can make it slow down. The redesign of a website can help you start over with your website and optimize it to make it work faster.

When you redesign your site, you can optimize your images from the beginning. This prevents your site from clogging and allows you to load your content faster. In addition, you will want to host your videos on third-party sites, such as YouTube, as these files are large and can slow down your site. When redesigning your website, make sure there are no additional code or blank spaces within the code. These are small nuances that have a great impact on the performance of your site.

If you want to know the types of problems that are clogging your site, you can use Google Page Speed Insights. By using this tool, you will see how quickly you load your site and the changes you can make to your page to improve its performance.

If your site is slow, consider redesigning your website by 2019. The New Year will begin with a new website that is quickly uploaded to your audience. It's a great way to attract more potential customers to your page and keep them in it.

5. Your page is not mobile optimized

The friendliness with the mobile is crucial nowadays. People constantly search for companies on their mobile phones and tablets. If you want to enter your website and stay in it, you must invest in a responsive design.

The mobile experience is not the same as the desktop experience. If I tried to access a desktop web on a mobile device, it would be a bad experience. The users would have to approach and move away to read the information on their website. That is not a positive mobile experience. If your website is not adapted for mobile users, you should consider a redesign of your website by 2019.

So, how to make your site compatible with mobile devices?

The best way to create a website compatible with mobile devices is to implement a responsive design. By doing this, you ensure that your website adapts to whatever device a user is using, which creates a positive experience on your site.

6. Your website has no micro-experiences

Micro-experiences are rapidly growing as an important part of your web design. If you do not have micro-experiences on your site, you should consider integrating them when redesigning your website in 2019.

So, what is a micro-experience?

A micro-experience is a small nuance on your site that makes the online experience special. It can be something as simple as a ringing sound or a small notification button. These micro-experiences improve the user experience on your website. To improve the user experience, add different animations, sounds, buttons and movements that will get your attention. You can redesign your website to add these nuances and create a better overall experience on your site.

Start redesigning your website today

The redesign of a website can give your company a new face. It is a new beginning for your business and can help you renew your digital marketing efforts. As we move into 2019, consider how you can improve your website and start making design changes to improve your performance. You will help your website generate more valuable traffic and potential customers for your business.