5 Free Portable Apps to Use When Away from Your Computer


Portable apps are basically programs which are created to run smoothly and independently on removable drives such as pen drive, thumb drive or flash drive etc. The biggest advantage of using this type of apps is that you don't have to worry about installation as they run independently. These are widely used by the professionals like bloggers, writers, designers etc. You can run these portable applications on your clients' computer system without the fear of leaving important data behind. In this article, you can learn about 5 useful apps which you can download absolutely free.

1: Portable Google Chrome

Portable Google Chrome is basically a web browser that is designed to run applications as well as web pages without causing any trouble with the browsing speed. The design of this app is simple but it works very efficiently and you will really love its unique qualities. When you are using GCP, it will support the launch of multiple tabs at the same time on a single browser. In addition of this useful feature, you will also be able to get suggestion for useful searches from Omnibox. You should also know that it is built with V8 which is a powerful JavaScript engine that works amazingly perfect for desired web browsing. Some other features are as follow:

  • Easy to use and starts quickly which allows users to save their time in unnecessary efforts.
  • Takes little loading time and you don't have to face irritating wait to use it before it is fully loaded.
  • It runs all types of web apps faster and especially great for those who have variety of apps.
  • Stylish themes to add and you are not compelled to stay within basic theme because you can easily choose the one that's seems perfect to you.
  • Organize tabs easily and quickly.

2: Portable Mozilla Firefox

Similar to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is the other popular web browser which will enable you to take your favorite extensions and bookmarks with you wherever you go. You can't always take your laptop with you but this portable app can go with you everywhere and of course, you would like to be benefited with its unique features. The portable version is fully packed with the features found in regular version and in fact, it has come up with some great optimization options that will enable you to make it even faster to meet your requirement. It works with external drives, ZIP drives, CDRW drive etc. Some of them are as follow:

  • Quite easy to use and you don't have to worry about its technical specification as it is really easy to understand.
  • Has popup blocking feature which will allow you to work in more secured working environment.
  • It is an integrated search engine and there are a number of things which you are going to love.
  • Covered with privacy features so you don't have to worry about the privacy issues.
  • Portable Mozilla Firefox gets automatic updates and you are not required to do it manually.

3: Portable Safari

Portable Safari is features rich app that can work with any type of portable device such as internal/external hard disk, removable hard drive, iPod, thumb drive or other movable devices. You don't have to leave your preferences at home because with Safari you can take them with you by copying them in safari folder and when you are doing it, window will ask you if you want to use your own history, bookmarks and preferences. If you want to stick to the same, simply click on copy and all your preferences will be accompanied by you. In case you have lower free space in your drive while the size of preferences is higher, you are recommended to create enough space. Some new features of latest version are:

  • The biggest feature is copying of preferences to movable drive and this is what you may not be able to find most of other portable browsers.
  • You can check available space in portable drive and in this way, you can again save time in case of lower space than the actual size of preferences.
  • Portable Safari has an excellent working notification window and you will be intimated when an action is completed or an error occurs.
  • It has easy to understand options and you are not required to have some kind of technical skills to use it more effectively.
  • Portable salary is a free to download version and you can use it without paying any money at all. However, you need to download it from a trusted source.

4: FileZilla Portable

FileZilla is the most trusted and quickest SFTP and FTP client that comes with a site manager which supports uploads as well as downloads. When you have FileZilla, you can have FTP right in your pocket which means you can easily take server settings and lists with you. It can be placed on a CD, movable hard drive, flash drive, iPod or even your client's computer. FileZilla Portable can keep you away from a lot of troubles that you have to face otherwise at the time of FTP access from another location than your computer system. Web designers and developers love portable version of FileZilla and use it frequently on everyday basis. Some of its features are:

  • It support for uploads and downloads and you don't have to stick to your main computer system for these actions.
  • Effective firewall support and surely that is a great support for the users who don't want to take any risk at all.
  • Timeout detection is actually a very good feature which will restore your connection quickly.
  • FileZilla portable has come up with HTTP1.1 and SOCKS4/5 support
  • It has also been provided with SSL and SFTP support
  • You would love drag & drop interface because of its easiness.

5: Portable Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a PDF creator, viewer and reader. This app is especially effective when you are on the go and want to read some important documents. No matter if you are a businessman, a marketer or a consumer, you might need to view or create PDF docs any time and if you are away from your computer, Foxit Reader will help you get out of the trouble. Portable reader will not just save your time but will also present you as an efficient professional who is able to respond quickly for every email from clients and partners. Some of its features are:

  • With this portable reader, you can have quick PDF files view and don't have to wait until you reach your office or home.
  • You can even open and sign your important files immediately and send them to concerned people for quick action.
  • If you want to take print out of files that you have in your portable reader, you can easily do it without any problem at all.
  • If you don't have time and need to create some new files for urgent basis, you can do it.
  • Another major feature of portable foxit reader is protection from security issues.

Final Words

All of the above discussed portable apps will provide you with secured solutions to access your files, browsing data, favorites, bookmarks or other important data that you don't want to leave behind when using someone else computer system. When you are using these important programs, you can prove yourself to be a real professional who is fully capable of working no matter wherever he is.

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