5 Distinct Types of Video Animations and 6 Best Tools to Create Them

By Susandaigle23, 20 December, 2018
5 Distinct Types of Video Animations & 6 Best Tools to Create Them

In the world of technology when everything is moving towards the advanced techniques and features to bring more benefits and success to their companies, every industry is focusing on trying all the profitable methods to increase their revenue. The most amazing and fascinating technique that has been adopted by many industries is the use of the animated videos in every aspect of work. The practice of using the video animations is applied in all kinds of work whether a company has to deliver a strategic presentation or they want to use it for promotional reasons. The use of the animated video is also very viral in the educational institutes where professors or teachers take the help of various kinds of animated videos to explain complex concepts to the students. And we all very much aware of the use of the animations in the entertainment industry; as the video animations are playing a role of the central pillar in the entertainment industries, starting from the base level of advertising to the highest level of mind-blowing animated movies. There is no one organization or industry in the world that is not availing benefits from this fantastic form of technology.

Types of Animated Videos

There are so many types of video animations that are used in every different industry for multiple purposes. People who look out for different types of video animation services hire a professional Video Animation Company who is able to provide the best video animation services for them. It is sometimes hard to configure whether the animation company that one is hiring, a professional one or they just put up a professional name so that they can hunt more clients.

A professional animation company of animator must have the knowledge of all the basic types of video animations and should provide all of these animation services. Here are the five major categories of the video animations that every professional video animator or animation company knows to deal with.

  • Whiteboard Video Animation
  • 2D Video Animation
  • 3D Video Animation
  • Kinetic Typography
  • GIF Logo Animation

1. Whiteboard Video Animation

Whiteboard video animations are considered as the unique and easiest form of the video animation that every professional animation company and video animator knows how to create in a high-quality. It is also one of the inspiring types of whiteboard video animation that is used to grasp the audience’s attention with ease.

2. 2D Video Animation

2D video animations are the oldest and widely used video animations that are developed on the two-dimensional graph. Form the looks of the 2D video animation we can say that they are flat images and not that interesting as many other animated videos, but the fact cannot be ignored that after so many years of creation it is still highly demanded and used in many places, such as creating 2D explainer videos or 2D motion graphics video.

3. 3D Video Animation

3D video animations are the most demanding and most fascinating type of video animations that have a high demand in every single industry. Starting from the entertainment industry where Disney and DreamWorks are creating marvels using the 3D video animation techniques. We are believed to be very blessed to live in an era where we can see the outstanding 3D animated movies like The Incredibles and Monster Inc. Then comes the other professional industries where people use 3D video animations to create the exceptional 3D models of the buildings using architectural rendering techniques, and provide an amazing experience for the viewers.

4. Kinetic Typography

Another startling invention in the field of the video animation is of kinetic typography, which is used in every other industry for many distinct purposes, for one and only purpose that is to grab the audience attention with ease instantly. With the help of the animated fonts and texts, it is easy to divert the viewer’s consideration of something meaningful. It is used wildly on many websites as well to make it look more intriguing.

5. GIF Logo Animation

Another most enthralling type of the video animation is GIF logo animation, which left the audience in the state of bewilderment. GIF logo animations are indeed one of the most mesmerizing types of video animation. It has not been adopted by many of the companies or industries, but as the word will spread and with the passage of time, we will be able to spot the use of the GIF animated logos all over the internet.

Best Tools to Create Animated Videos

Just having the knowledge about the video animations is not enough for the professionals to create a masterpiece, but they also require a lot of significant knowledge about the tools on which they are supposed to develop the best-animated videos. Here are five of the startling tools to create various types of animated videos out of the ocean of marvelous video animation tool.

  • Adobe Animate
  • Pencil 2D
  • Autodesk Maya
  • RawShorts
  • Biteable

1. Adobe Animate

It is the best video animation tool if you are looking for the perfect platform to create perfect video animations. It offers a comprehensive platform for the animators to create the vector graphics, video games, internet apps, online videos and so much more professionally.

2. Pencil 2D

It is an open source free video animation tool to create the best 2D video animations. Animators can easily create 2D drawings and graphics, which can later be converted into a nice 2D animated video.

3. Autodesk Maya

May is one of the most professional 3D video animation tools that is only appropriate for professionals to use in order to create different 3D models and video animations. It is used in most of the professional industries to create eye-catching movies and video games ordinarily.

4. RawShorts

RawShorts is the best tool for the animators who are looking for the perfect solution to create a striking whiteboard explainer videos. It is also very user-friendly and enables the option of drag-and-drop for the animators to create the whiteboard explainer video with ease.

5. Biteable

It is the best platform for the whiteboard video animators as it provides the rich feature for the animators to create remarkable whiteboard video animations.