3 Reasons to Design Your Website on WordPress

By admin, 18 May, 2019

Businesses in all niches face plenty of competition. And that is why it's important to create marketing campaigns that specifically cater to different sectors in the world of commerce. Indeed, startups and veteran brands will have to position themselves effectively to get more customers as well as broaden their influence. But what's the best way for law firms to market themselves and increase their competitiveness?

The figures don't lie: Websites remain a valuable source of new clients for many businesses across all sectors, including legal services. For instance, according to Capterra, at least 70% of law firms were able to generate new cases through their websites in 2017. The same could be said of other sectors as well, making websites the most effective marketing channels aside from social media and video.

To succeed in using websites for online marketing, however, law firms will have to focus more on design and maintenance. This no doubt will depend on the platform a law firm uses for building its website. Sure enough, it all boils down to choosing between WordPress and everything else.

A critical question

"Which platform is best for promoting my services?" If you're running a law firm, you probably ask yourself this question once in a while. Perhaps you're not too savvy about using tools and methods for marketing your practice, but you don't have to spend too much time trying to figure out what needs to be done.

When it comes to choosing a good platform for building your website, the obvious way to go is to focus on the most valuable features your law firm can leverage. Sure, free-to-use website builders such as Wix and Weebly can provide practical cost-effective solutions. However, these platforms only offer limited customization features that won't help you build an authentic brand for your products and services due to their limitations. If you really want your law firm to stand out, it's best to opt for a platform that gives you overall creative flexibility and options that will give your brand endless promotional possibilities.

WordPress is exactly the platform you should look for, considering the numerous advantages it provides. Let's take a closer look at how the platform can help you design the best website for marketing your law firm online.

Powerful customization features

If you're using a basic WordPress account, you may not be able to enjoy all the benefits the platform can provide. Even so, you still have access to valuable resources for customizing your website, including:

A straightforward interface

The WordPress platform features a simple interface that people can easily utilize. Although your web developers can handle complex backend processes, you can seamlessly make new posts or create new pages on your own, making WordPress a highly user-friendly platform even for those not adept in web development.

Highly responsive

When designing your website, you might want to implement certain changes or modifications right away. Apart from having an easy-to-understand user interface, WordPress lets you change your tools and equip your website with the right features without much hassle. This gives you unbridled control over your website, especially in terms of rolling out new changes. But WordPress isn't only useful for the law firms that use it. It also enriches the user experience for your prospective clients, making it easier for you to convert them into paying customers.

Numerous design possibilities

WordPress is flexible, which means you can explore countless options for designing your website. If you're aiming to build a solid brand through legal marketing, then WordPress is exactly the platform that lets you play with themes and color schemes to match the brand identity of your practice. For best results, you can hire a service that specializes in your area. For example, you can find a law firm website design company to help with positioning your legal practice front and center.

Top plugins for success

Perhaps the most compelling part of the WordPress experience is its extensive use of plugins that can further optimize your site and make it more effective in acquiring new cases. There are several plugins of note that can help you build a highly effective web presence.


Search engine optimization or SEO is crucial to improving your website's search engine ranking. The higher you rank, the more likely will you attract organic visitors (or in this case, potential clients) to your site. Sure enough, there are tons of factors that influence your visibility, but the most compelling is how your content is structured. With Yoast, you can get valuable suggestions for improving your site's content for better searchability. By installing this plugin, you can include keywords and improve the quality of your pages and posts, thereby allowing your website to rank higher based on Google's scoring criteria for quality.

Contact Form 7

If you're planning to give potential clients a direct means of contacting you, then Contact Form 7 is a must-have. After installing the plugin, you can create a range of customizable message forms that are easy to use for visitors. You will get instant notifications every time someone sends you a query about your services through the contact form.

WordFence Security

Cybersecurity remains a critical issue for many law firms that manage a website as a means to market their services. On that note, your law firm has to prepare for such contingencies by installing the proper security features for your site. With WordFence Security, you can prevent unauthorized logins and rid your website of any malware. You will be shielded from attacks that would have cost you a fortune without having the right security tools in place.

High reliability

Apart from all these customizable features, another strength of WordPress also lies in its high reliability in terms of reducing costs and providing your practice the results it needs to be able to move forward.

Indeed, it does these things so well that you are able to scale your online presence without affecting overall performance, especially if you consider setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog. Aside from that, the platform is regularly updated so you won't have to worry about trying to keep up with your competitors.

There are tons more benefits that WordPress is capable of providing your law firm. Start by creating an account today and see where you can go from there.