10 Most Beneficial Mobile Apps for Writers

By joshbarett, 26 February, 2016
Beneficial Mobile Apps for Writers

Apps have made mobile devices more useful and undoubtedly have become the ‘In’ thing. Anyone who uses a smartphone knows what an application is, in short we call it ‘app'. There are numerous utilities of apps, and no area is untouched where the applications are not offering the plethora of benefits to its users. So, if you’re a writer and a smartphone user, then the treasure of some beneficial apps is not far from you. With the arrival of smartphones, iPads, tablets that support word processing capabilities, the opportunities to express and enrich one's writing skills are booming. We indeed owe a debt of gratitude to the technology which is giving writers better tools to enhance their flair for writing. Here are some apps that will certainly help you to do the job of writing quickly.

1. Mind Node - Incredible for Visual Thinkers

This wonderful app is so simple to use that you can even comprehend it without reading it’s manual. This app makes some mind mapping easy. Mind maps are a visual representation of your thoughts and ideas, starting with a central idea and growing from there. You’re just required to start with your ideas. Simply think about the content and do not worry about the layout. MindNode has assisted several students, artists and project managers to be more imaginative and innovative with less effort. This app will let you assemble and manage all those brilliant ideas in an easy-to-follow, intuitively laid out format. If you’re a visual thinker, then you must not ignore Mind Node.

2. The Brainstormer

This app provides a cornucopia of ideas for creative minds. The Brainstormer is a story/idea generator designed to provocate you. Its mission is to help you think in new directions and give you the push that leads to great narratives. When you spin the Brainstormer, you’ll be introduced to three phrases. The inner wheel gives you the conflict. The middle wheel gives you the style or setting. The outer wheel gives you the subject. When combined, they will provide a mind-blowing idea. Not every combination will give you that spark, but each word in every wheel has been selected with care and purpose to maximize creative thinking. It is a physical tool to randomly combine a plot, a subject, and a setting or style, the Brainstormer gives a jiffy of inspiration for writers or any creative mind. Now, you can overcome creative block and continue to writing. So, if you are a writer who invariably becomes the victim of ‘ Mind Block’, then it’s the best thing for you.

3. Agent Obvious

This app offers brief and relevant advice to authors, agents, and editors in book publishing. This app offers copious of perceptive tips to the ones who are aspiring to enter into the literary world. User will find more than 500 tips from the literary agent Laurie Abkemeier. A customized user experience with one-touch access to tips written specifically for authors, agents, or editors. As publishing industry is certainly intricate, with the help of this app, you will get the tactic that will get your work published without a trouble.

4. Wordbook

Wordbook is an award-winning English dictionary and thesaurus app with very well designed, fast and intuitive interface tailored specifically for Windows 8 interface. Professionally recorded pronunciation for every single entry, word origin information (Etymologies), built-in spell checker with pop-up spelling suggestions, note management, wild card search and a powerful word puzzle solver are some useful features of this incredible app.

5. Poetreat

Poetreat is a poetry editor that offers suggestions on rhymes that you write. You can find the best available rhymes and syllable count as you type. Unleash the unknown poet and present your poems to your friends with a fresh new design and colorful sharing buttons. With the help of this app, the dream of becoming a poet will no more be a far-fetched goal. Once you’re done with your poetic masterpieces, you can share them with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.

6.Write or Die

Many people find themselves unable to write consistently. Write or Die is a web-based tool to motivate you and get you writing more and faster. This app works like a wonder as it lets you set a word count goal, as well as a time limit in which you have to complete the goal. If you do not achieve the set target, then you have to deal with the consequences. You will be punished by peeving things such as when you activate kamikaze mode, the screen lets you pause typing for about 45 seconds before it begins deleting words you've already written. A gentle consequence will spew a pop-up reminder ( the annoying one) to remind you again & again about your half-cooked write-up. This app is a must for the procrastinators and the ones who leaves the writing work in between for long hours.

7. Jotter Pad

This is a minimalistic writing app for the creative writers. It is a classic app for the ones who love to write novels, lyrics, poems, essays, and screenplays. The clean typing interface allows you to focus on writing, shaping your thoughts into text. Go about your creative writing without distractions and write your content by your heart. Some exceptional features offered by this app are:- distraction-free interface, built-in English dictionary, extended keyboard, keyboard shortcuts (e.g. CTRL+Z for undo) open .txt, .md, .fountain, phrase finding, undo & redo, word and character count, etc.

8. My Writing Spot

Whether you’re writing a novel or jotting down important notes, My Writing Spot provides a simple, uncluttered writing workspace. Features like write in autosave, document groups, word count, dictionary, the email document, download to the computer are awe-inspiring for every writer.

9. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an extraordinary app which recognizes and transcribes your spoken words at lightning speed and gives you the flexibility to dictate for any situation. If your hands are busy in doing something, Dragon Dictation allows you to give text input at the times when you’re on the go. With this app, you can also dictate status updates directly to your Social Networking applications (Facebook and Twitter) or send notes and reminders to yourself.

10. Ever Note

Remembering everything is tricky in a hustle-bustle of modern life. To make your life less complicated, here comes this amazing app. Evernote makes it easy to remember things of your daily lives. You can write notes, checklists, organize web article, docs, and images. When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.

Hopefully, the above-stated apps will help you conquer the uphill battle of writing with some ease. Though writing is indeed challenging, it is even more challenging for a passionate writer not to write anything. Have a happy writing!

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