10 latest web design trend for Wordpress for 2016

Design Trends

Any latest fashion of WordPress gets updated as faster as a wind blow. Sometimes, it's 20px drop-shadows, sometimes designer putting ribbons on each span of textured backdrop, they can discover. For number of blogger first preference, WordPress always been a top choice, for its rich content and presentation. It is becoming more significant, with every passing days, with simple plugin for converting mobile! Now you must be thinking, what made WordPress so popular? It's not only because of its rich content but for it's optimized and enhanced view, and easy navigation on its mobile app, which is making trendy and fashionable among businesses and individuals too.

As WordPress has gone mobile, the entire focus has gone to improvise and enhance the mobile user experience. This has given boost and upsurge to some of the design trends, these designs are somewhat required from the general application and web plan patterns and partially acquainted to make an interesting look and feel. Hence, this brought us a point to draw conclusion on 10 latest WordPress designs trends which are going to rule in this new year, 2016.

Check out some of the WordPress design trends, which you must know:

1. Account Sign Up

You'll discover this example at whatever point you attempt to sign up for a site. There may be a formality of filling up a form or a push button that'll permit you to sign up through from your social media account. Multi-step form wizards are one of the most effective account registration designs as they "chunk out" the required fields, diminishing the discontentment and urging clients to course through the procedure.

2. Hamburger Menu

The most famous one: From quite some time, the Hamburger menu style has become one the favourite designs of all the designers. The hamburger menu caters us another prevalent visual device to control the user's attention and make content, the more significant one. It tailors desktop and mobile gadgets. Hence, to draw benefits from the theme, we can hide the navigation.

3. Quality Animation

Quality animations are being utilized more to upgrade a site's concept narrating, making the experience more intelligent and exciting. Notwithstanding, you can't simply stick activity in anyplace. Consider deliberately whether it adds to your site's story components and identity.

4. Flat Design is all new

History repeats forever. Likewise, one good example rehashes itself again and again ever, by the designers, in every couple of years. For instance, Apple will disclose a crisp and fresh design for some or the greater part of their items and as night takes after day, the overall design group will scramble to change their own sensibilities- regardless of the fact, it is an iOS or Android app developers.

With the dispatch of iOS 7 two years back, that pattern was flat design. In this case however, Microsoft have ostensibly got there first with their work on the Metro design language. Google have made the development a significant stride further generally with their progressing take a shot at the Material Design venture. With a percentage of the biggest organizations on the plane, flat design remains a prevailing pattern in 2015 and hints to vanish no time sooner, however its utilization is progressively different.

5. Parallax

Mostly, we discover parallax diverting and contemporary. It's time and again finished with an overemphasis on move, puts away flying and down, pictures blasting on the page, so that as opposed to drawing in with the content of the site, all the user sees is impact (also the toll it can tackle cellphones and outdated browsers).

That same dynamism can frequently be better passed on with video, particularly now that we have such a large number of stock sites of videos that pops up. At the point when parallax works is the point at which it's utilized unpretentiously, for instance, a slight change in the situating of a background picture on pull down.

6. Microinteractions

In this modern world we are surrounded by Microinteractions, from snapping out the alarm bell to commenting and liking a picture on Facebook. Everyone managed to do it, without even batting an eye. It's reasonable that you began your day with a micro-interaction. By shutting the alarm-bell, you get connected with a UI in no time. What's more, more of these are heated into the applications and gadgets we utilize.

Micro-interactions are a basic part of any application. As suggested in Web Design Trends 2015 and 2016, you'll need to guarantee that these interactions happen undetectably. Try not to go over the edge and keep it basic. Consider every subtle element with consideration, and make every encounter lively. That is make content conversational and not mechanical.

7. Responsive design is mandatory

As a ranking factor, it is clear that serving your mobile target group of onlookers has turned into an unquestionable requirement do, since Google presented markers for mobile-friendliness. With more than 33% of activity now originating from cell phones, responsive design is currently the effective standard and it's exceptionally unrealistic to be any distinctive in 2015. It is available in bulk, be it in the WordPress topic index or at sellers of premium themes. For those not willing to change their theme, dedicated mobile theme and different resolution are accessible too.

8. Pinteresque card for WordPress

The online marketing chatter, gives an idea that in 2015 Pinterest will dominate the design sector. Other than just looking great, this theme pattern gives a fabulous answer for responsive sites as it reworks effectively. With more sites bouncing on the Pinterest train, get ready to see it much of the time in the new year. Pinterest-style WordPress pattern can be discovered effortlessly through Google. However, in the event that you just need to give a Pinterest look to your displays, there are plugins for that.

9. Infographics

There is no better approach to intelligibly sort out and give information than infographics. They make perception of information less demanding and in a significant. Infographics just rapidly let one handle what is being said. In any case, the force and capability of infographics separated they are likewise utilized aimlessly making it a fun plan move without target approach. Exaggerating of illustrations can destroy a quality content and can turn out to be diverting. Great infographics are made by consolidating data to recount a truly persuading story. You can offer infographics to recommend something, persuade clients or to tell clients about anything by nitty gritty realistic presentation of data. Legitimately intelligible data is introduced on a realistic interface to get user's interest. Through infographics one can rapidly get to essential data. Infographics being fit to different mobile gadget screens can offer speedy access to web substance.

10. Cookie-based UX

Customized or cookie-based UX is difficult to get right. It can be to a great degree work escalated, and unless you're doing huge amounts of testing, it's difficult to know whether your work is paying off. So, as developers, more information means more potential outcomes. Cookies can be particularly valuable for promoting and top-of-funnel work. When you can alter your site for your client, they're going to draw in with it progressively and will probably go in-depth or end up with purchasing something.

One major key is to not be cumbersome about it. Users will begin to experience being left out, if the page they're on is excessively personalized, or if they feel they're being tracked. Like a great deal of things, this all relies on upon what you're attempting to say, whether you're offering anything, and what sort of relationship you would like to have with your visitor. In case you're ready to find that adjust, treats can be super profitable.