10 Desirable Mobile App Graphic Design trends for 2016

10 Desirable Mobile App Graphic Design trends for 2016

Do you belong from an app designing community? It's good to refer the desirable points related to the mobile app graphics design. Be aware of the predicated graphics design points which may rule during 2016. Forward thinking companies for App Graphics Designs make the attempts to deliver blasting designs that really work for user engagement. Mobile apps with interactive and user friendly design gain attention. Proficient designers predict the focus points for designers that are expected to be in trend during the year 2016. Everyone working in the designing field is always excited about knowing the innovation in graphics designs during upcoming year. Whether it is a smartphone or tablet, how you represent your product and services is taken into account. Holding the customers while they are on the tour of app, graphics designs play a key role.

Let's head on the future trends in the world of graphics design for Mobile apps with the best examples.

1. Utilization of Diffuse Background Image

The Diffused backgrounds are spurred in many websites following the trends instantly. Blurry backgrounds overlapped with big fonts catchy text and call to action buttons have become the first choice. This is a classic style for the mobile app design that can be implemented simply. Designers must choose antique background image or create by their own. Images picked from the sites providing free images can be found repeated in other websites as well. Hence, having a unique and imposing background will make a good sense in mobile application designs.

Utilization of Diffuse Background Image 2016 Trends of Mobile App Design

2. User centric simple & innovative navigation

Mobile users do not hesitate while taking a tour through the simple navigation. During 2016, simplicity in the graphics will rock. Users stuck for a while, when they find a unique way of scrolling. Long scrolling with large images & decent font style can finely define the business approach nicely. Innovation in navigation enhances user experience, hence this technique will work in 2016. Designers are free to apply innovation in navigation, but they need to confirm that users can easily reach to the information or service that they are actually looking for.

User centric simple & innovative navigation
Image cedit: pinterest.com

3. Big & Bold Fonts to gain attention

There is a battle among the mobile apps. This year, mobile apps graphics designers are trying to resurrect a love for the big and bold fonts in the images. Writing a conclusive big fonts text over the blurry image facilitates users to understand the idea. Apps are operated in the small screens, so big & bold fonts leave a memorable impression. With this trick, designers can make the insipid apps interesting.

Big and Bold Fonts to gain attention

4. Fast colors & simple theme

The trend of using fast colors is resurrecting in 2016. Of-course the cluttering of colors is an old fashion for mobile app graphics designs. Smart designers choose the vibrant colors that recognize business easily.

Folks love to watch fast colors and simple theme

"Phenomenal Mobile app graphics design is a key for the user attention".

5. Positive appeal of social media Buttons

As per the research, utmost applications seem incomplete without social media buttons. Whether it is a business app, eCommerce, game or service app there will be the social media buttons for sure in any of the screens available. Mobile App designers try out impressive ways of appearing social media buttons. They are supposed to create embracing buttons in the future as well.

Positive appeal of social media Buttons

6. Storytelling interactive designs

The app design must tell a visual story to the users, it creates an unseen bonding with users. Powerful appeal means a lot. Apps must deliver to the point content in beautiful containers or captivating design effects. It's meaning less to bore users with long paragraphs and over simplicity in designs. It is a pleasant experience for users when each division of design appears uniquely with delightful graphics effects.

Storytelling interactive designs to rule the market

7. Good design for overlays

Overlays are compulsory to put in some apps. The good design in overlays looks cool as the overlays always take users out of the app flow. Designers also give an attention to the models in designing and spend a good time in trying different themes and colors.

Good design for overlays

8. Appealing design for wearable

Wearable market is at its peak. Designers also focus on the principles of wearable app as those are quite different from the simple app designing. For the wearables, privacy is priority. Gesture driven actions, audible alerts, text messages, etc. can be decorated with eye-catchy designs. Specifically for the wearables, designers give priority to apply exciting way of user interaction.

Appealing design for wearable

9. Focusing more on functional animation

In a competitive scenario for the apps, striking animation gain ultimate attention. The most practised designers smartly make a good difference from the competitors by applying their knack and skills in animation. As the updated versions of design tools are filled with ultimate features, using which designers can craft many amazing things for mobile application design.

Focusing more on functional animation
Image credit: designmodo.com

10. Typography also matters

Amazing Font families are introduced for the use in mobile app designing. Giving an equal attention to the typography has become essential for the designers. Designers set the font style son the basis of theme, color combination used in app, appearance and business type. Fonts play a crucial role when you consider the app interface.

 Typography also matters in the best app design
Image credit: ashcroft54.com

Above explained is the most supposed list of mobile app graphics design points to rule during the 2016. When the prominent designers predict the trend for the upcoming time, it is possible that some of them may be dropped down from the half way. Still, for the people of graphics design community, it is always exciting to find the trending scenario. Applying the trending things in current projects helps a lot to rule among the competitors at least for a while.

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