10 Crucial Tactics to write Catchy Landing Page Title

By WillSarto, 15 March, 2016
catchy title on landing page

Landing page title often defines the effectiveness of the whole page. It is quite simple: if it doesn’t catch your potential client’s attention, he or she won’t go to the page and won’t even read your offer. They will just continue surfing the web until they find something catchier and more interesting. That is why you need to pay special attention to creating it. There are several aspects you need to take into account while creating your title.

Be unique

Be Unique
The first and most important thing for a landing page title is its originality. If your headline is similar to hundreds of others headlines on the Internet, your company just won’t stand out. Your clients won’t have grounds to think you are in any way different from your competitors. As a result, they won’t have a reason to buy from you or to cooperate with you.

Today’s consumers are better grounded than they were before. They are used to be bombarded with advertisements, most of which they ignore. Here is the example of typical headlines:

  • Order now with a discount!
  • It is only 99 dollars!
  • If you buy today, you get this bread knife for $89!

If your headline sounds anything like these, you automatically blend with the crowd. If you have something unique about it, you have more chances to attract the audience. Competition is fierce today. If you want to be the best in your niche, you need to be as unique and creative as possible.

Ask a question

This is a common but working method or creating an effective title. Ask people a question that your site gives an answer to.
Ask a question
When people see a question, they instinctively want to have an answer for it. It is a nice technique to use for a landing page title. Examples may be different: “How to earn 25% more every year?”, “Do you want to increase your traffic without a big hustle?”, “Are you tired of standing in line for coffee every day?”. The question depends on your business and your proposition.

Scare people

Fear is a very powerful motivation. If you scare people in the title, they will most likely read on. It is a simple tool. People instinctively try to protect themselves from all the possible dangers. If there is a chance that they will find some solution on the page, they will most likely read it.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • You lose $2000 every year without this skill
  • Only one thing can save your marriage from failing.

Play on emotions

When you create any text for people, including landing titles, remember that we are all emotional creatures. Make sure your title evokes certain emotions whether it is compassion, curiosity or even doubt. Here is a good example.
Play on emotions
You automatically get wondering what exactly starts with one girl and the picture of a cute kid only makes it better.


Give people a reason to stay on this page or to continue browsing your site. It can be tips, reasons, ways, methods, signs, etc. For example, “7 reasons to order flowers from us” or “5 ways to improve your writing”. Again, it depends on the subject of your site.

Obvious profit

Landing titles that guarantee a certain result for people work very well. Big statements should be backed up by real actions. A landing may convey the whole essence of your business and be unambiguous. For example:

Heading: We guarantee to pick a tour for you from reliable tour operators in five minutes

Subheading: Best purchasing conditions. It takes 5 minutes to pick the best option.

Is it specific? For sure! Can you see the profit? I bet you can. It is a good landing page title then.

“Four U” technique

This technique was invented by a successful entrepreneur Michael Masterson. At that time, many entrepreneurs could double the conversion on their sites by simply changing the headlines according to this technique. It includes four points - usefulness, urgency, uniqueness and ultra-specificity. We’ve already talked about uniqueness. Usefulness is also quite self-explanatory - your title should bring some use to readers. Urgency means offering your potential clients something that they need right now. and ultra-specificity means being very specific about what your clients will get with your help, better with numbers. Try to create a title using these four U’s and see what happens.

Focus on your audience

You for sure have a specific product or service you want to offer and you’ve probably come up with a good marketing strategy concentrated on this specific target group. Make sure your landing page title is not blurry, but strictly oriented to your audience. If you are selling cool devices for teenagers, use easy language or even slang. If you are selling academic books, make the title smarter and more complicated.

Secret, mystery or intrigue

People just love secrets, especially if they will let them get certain profit or advantages. Also, people love other people’s secrets, even if there is no use in knowing them. You can play on this desire to know everything. Including an element of mystery in your title, you increase the chances of attracting more people.


  • Money you walk on without noticing
  • The secret of getting a double profit for businessmen in America.

Be simple

In case you suffer from writer’s block and cannot come up with an extraordinary title that no man has ever seen before, don’t worry. All the titles cannot be original and unique; we just don’t have enough synonyms for that. If you simply describe in a few words what you offer, it might work, too. Often such minimalistic and simple landing titles hit the best scores.
Be simple


People are interested, first of all, in their own needs and problems. If your landing page title relates to those needs and problems, there is a big chance that people will read on and explore your site. Of course, in every case, a landing page title has its own specific character, but the main principles of influencing the audience are quite common. Hopefully, the described tips will help you improve your site as well as your business.