10 Best Tools for Graphic Designers

By kristin, 20 August, 2015
10 Best Tools for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers should continue exploring various tools which are ideal for their requirements and evade spending on those things that they don’t need much. They should stay updated on the newest trends in the market. This signifies that they should invest in the latest design tools, technology, software, and devices. With the use of the popular tools, they can grab more number of potential clients by working on their projects. It is essential to be aware of how to make the best of your budget by selecting the worthy tools that takes you forward in your field of graphic designing. Mentioned here are 10 best tools for the graphic designers to use in their works.

1. Pixlr

If a graphic designer uses Photoshop, then ‘Pixlr Editor’ will be quite familiar. It can also open .PSD files and keeps hold of all the creative layers, crafting it a huge alternative to Photoshop. Pixlr is a fine use for the clients who have easy image editing requirements [crop, resize, etc], and also they can obtain the functionalities they require without bothering about an additional software license to uphold.

2. Wacom Bamboo

Wacom Bamboo
Being a designer, you can opt for Wacom Bamboo that offers a superb chance to execute the most unusual things. It will take a bit of time to get adjusted with it, but it guarantees an excellent use with your editing time shortened; your accuracy to demonstrate, edit, alter, craft, draw, design, paint and tune will turn out to be perfect. This tool approaches in all the sizes and shapes, and selecting the right tool relies on what you are applying it for, but you are suggested to begin with a medium size Wacom Bamboo. You can further scale up towards Wacom Intuos 5 afterwards. The Wacom brand is very strong and precise that can be purchased on Ebay and Amazon.

3. Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Creative Suite is one of the worthiest programs for the graphic designers. This tool is a whole portfolio of programs, varying from Dreamweaver to Photoshop to After Effects as well as Encore. It can sync your photos, files, fonts, settings, design assets, Adobe Stock, metadata, etc automatically. It can even control your creative cloud libraries, offering you immediate approach to your preferred assets straight from your apps. With the help of this tool, you can begin your project in any app placed on any device, select it from where you left last, and complete it anywhere you want.

4. Visual CSS Tools

Visual CSS Tools
They are reflected as a website supported CSS generator on visual basis along with features which many distinct website supported gradient generators does not contain.

5. PicMarkr

This tool lets you to insert a watermark to any kind of image in a simple way. PicMarkr is very helpful for copyrighting, and also shielding unique and significant work featured online.

6. InDesign Secrets

InDesign Secrets
Such tool is the mentioning of memo meant for the graphic designers who want to continue on engraving frame of flagship layout editor of Adobe named InDesign. It characterizes talks of recent updates to software, as well as pointers on how to acquire the best out of current features.

7. Pantone Color Guides

Pantone Color Guides
A bad thing which can occur to any graphic designer is obtaining a printed color that is distinct from that design that exhibits on the PC. It can be evaded if the designer utilizes color rightly, and thus the Pantone color guides are considered the excellent reference manuals for this reason. Various guides like Coated and solid are accessible, and you can get those that you need exactly. Though they may be costly, but it surely is advantageous and worth its price!

8. DeviantART

This tool is regarded as the biggest online art communities as it holds more than 200 million artist-uploaded pieces covering skins, fan art, and other different ideal photos and drawings. The users can not only save, but also share and shop for art purpose and sustain local and desiring artists and designers.

9. Icon Finder

Icon Finder
Icon Finder is known as a resource that lets the graphic designers to search for high quality icons in a simple and effectual method. The designers would like to use Iconfinder Pro because this tool as approach to almost 570,298 icons; has licenses for commercial projects; icons available in AI and CSH formats; and 70 percent is paid to the icon designers. They can use variety of Icon Finder in their design projects to make it look more attractive.

10. PageCrush

This particular tool is a collection of designs along with a unique arrangement focused on the artistic graphic designers exhibiting their valuable and delicate works. With the help of this tool, the main idea is to promote a powerful community of graphic designers.

Hence, graphic designers should use the above effective tools to gain more appreciation and money from their assignments.