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I am Pradeep Saran. I am currently working as a Development Guru in Langoor, Bangalore, India.   I have worked with Drupal for over 5 years. My main passion in these days is Front end Development, Javascript and HTML5 despite my long background in PHP/MySQL and Drupal. I speak and write three languages PHP, JS, and Ruby, even though PHP is my mother tongue.

A bit of my Drupal history, In 2009, I started my Drupal evangelism. Since then I have been an active member, contributor to the community in terms of contributing modules and themes.
I have been developing and maintaining a few contributed modules and themes in Drupal official website drupal.org (My Drupal Profile). My Modules and Themes has been used by more than 50,000 Drupal Sites. Most noticeable is Business theme which has more than 15,000 sites usage till date.

My Key Achievements

My Recent work

  • Seed and Spark (SourceN Project)
    Seed and Spark is an one-stop shop where filmmakers can crowdfund, distribute, and interact with their audience and the broader independent film community.
  • Campus Diaries (SourceN Project)
    Campus Diaries is a Web 2.0 community website for its users to create, collaborate, and Share creative content with their friends, campuses etc.
  • Dell - TechPageOne (SourceN Project)
    Run by Dell’s Marketing team, Techpageone provides a platform that integrates Dell’s internal systems, external content aggregation systems like Percolate.
  • Dell World (SourceN Project)
    Dell World is Dell’s premier event where industry visionaries and top technology professionals come together and share powerful IT solutions for critical business needs.
  • Infoasaid (UN Project)
    Infoasaid works at multiple levels to improve communications with crisis-affected communities. The Goal of Infoasaid is to improve the quality of humanitarian assistance through enhanced information exchange between crisis-affected populations and aid agencies.
  • Internews Europe
    Internews Europe improves access to information worldwide. We do this by strengthening local media and information systems so that all citizens can make their voices heard, claim equal rights and understand critical issues. We are leaders in innovation in digital technologies to support vulnerable, crisis-hit populations.
  • Insure and Away
    Insure and Away specialize in selling travel insurance at affordable prices.
  • The Indian banks.com
    You can search through 90,000+ Bank Branches of 125+ Banks in The Indian banks.com! We are making earnest efforts in keeping the information updated by adding Bank Branches of banks.
  • And much more....

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My Skill Set

Skill Level Technology
Good Drupal, PHP, jQuery, CSS, Javascript
Intermediate HTML5, Codeigniter, Laravel, Ruby, Ruby on Rails


  • Instant Premium Drupal Themes - Technical Reviewer

    Premium Drupal Themes is a practical, hands-on guide filled with clear, step-by-step examples which shows you how to create Drupal themes using HTML. This book will show you the best practices and conventions that you should adopt and utilize so you can change the way Drupal looks using HTML without wasting energy digging through Drupal’s code.

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