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HTML5 - Winning Race For An iOS App Developer's Heart

Html 5 winning race for iOS app developers

The unstoppable success and popularity of Apple's iOS has been recognized by web app developers all over the world. With the most recent iOS8 release, Apple has announced getting friendly with the slow and steady HTML5 web technology. Irrespective of all the technical and performance breakdowns of HTML5, Apple has chosen it for developing serious iOS applications. Keep on reading this blog to find more about Apple getting friendly with HTML5.

239 Listing Real Estate - Web, Android & iPhone App

239 Listing Real Estate

239 Listing work with the realtors and homeowners to help sell or rent the property in Florida. Show case your real estate tours with cinematic video and magazine quality photos. 239 Listing put together a tour that offers the potential buyer how your home looks, feels and connect giving them a complete layout of the home. Branded and unbranded customized tour consist of: high quality photos, map, property description, property information, social media, and cinematic video. Study shows that with the advance in technology real estate buyers want to see videos.

Flickr Image Search - Android & iPhone App

Flickr Image Search

Flickr Image Search - Android & iPhone App let you search, like, share and download the Images from Web. This app also brings you daily interesting and popular photos each day. With Flickr Image Search app, You can keep track of your favourite photo. This app is really useful for photo lovers and photographers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and depending on what you're taking a picture of, it could be worth a lot more. If you search images or photos regularly, Flickr Image Search is the app you'll need.

Mobile Application Development - An Insight

Mobile Application Development Insight Data

An insight of the app development industry from past-to-future through demography, social impact and other affected factors. It also has that through other effective factors with numeric and graphic data in one time. There are 11 subtopics that will define how mobile app arena is covering whole world of new generation.