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Apple May Ship Only 20 Million iPhone X Units, Pre-orders In India From Oct 27

Written by Saran

Finally, the wait is almost over. We all know how eagerly we have been waiting for the 10th Anniversary addition to the Apple’s iPhone family and it is finally here you guys. This year, Apple is launching the most anticipated and the most awaited iPhone and that is the iPhone X, the 10th edition to the whole iPhone series. And the pre-orders in India are supposed to start on the 27th of October.

The Next Generation iPhone X Is All That You Want And More

One of the most trustworthy shopping sites of India, Flipkart is seen sporting the 10th Anniversary edition phone in the lists. Starting from 12:13 PM on the 27th of October, this phone is all set to rock the nation with its stylish make. Also, the phone will be available on the e-store of the company as well. Make sure that you check that out.

The variants of the iPhone X are interesting as well, one comes with an internal storage of 64GB and the other one that is a top-notch edition comes with a whopping 256GB internal storage. Now that is large, isn’t it? The prices of the phones in India will be at Rs.89.000 and Rs.102, 000 respectively.

The latest reports regarding the shipment of the phones reveal some interesting facts. According to the reports, Apple Company is more likely to ship most of the phones, almost half of the bulk units this year. However, that is a lesser amount than what the company had actually decided. The reports further suggest that the number of phones that the company will be shipping is up to 20 million iPhone X units. And the reason behind such a reduction of the shipment of units is because of some technical difficulties that the phones are facing at the moment. The face authentication feature of the phones apparently has some technical glitch due to which there has been an imminent reduction of the number of units. Plus, Apple Company is also doing some negotiations for the production of some additional parts of the whole device.

But it is also to be kept in mind that Apple hasn’t really revealed any information that proves to be authentic on this matter. And if the company is really planning on selling just 20 million iPhone X units in this year, then the sales of the company will surely drop.

The 10th anniversary iPhone X units have their own ALL processor of Apple and that has six different cores. The two cores are the high-performance ones. And what makes them different from the A10 cores is that they a lot faster.

The features of the newest addition to the iPhone family are surely striking. With a superb 5.8-inch screen with a resolution of 2436×1125 pixels, a 12MP rear camera with a double flash feature, and a front camera with a 7MP sensor, this phone is certainly a rocking one. And not to forget the amazing Face ID, which enables the user to gain access to the phone by scanning the faces.

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