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Drupal Module

Scrolling Titlebar Text

Scrolling Titlebar Text

Scrolling Titlebar Text module is a simple Lightweight module which make the Browser's Title bar text to Scroll or Marquee (Text Effect). Scrolling Titlebar Text is the essential module for most of the websites for its Title Bar Text effect which grabs website visitor's attention.

Scrolling Titlebar uses a small custom JavaScript Function.

The settings in Scrolling Titlebar Text module are

  • Scroll or Marquee Speed. (in milliseconds)
  • Page Title End String

The default value for scroll or marquee speed is 300 ms. The Page title for scrolling is terminate with this end string. The default value for page title end string is two white spaces. You can configure it in Administrator Settings (admin/config/user-interface/scrolling-titlebar).

Textualizer - Awesome Text Transitions

Textualizer - Awesome Text Transitions

Textualizer is a jQuery module which offers awesome text transitions.

The module accepts any number of sentences (or words) and can rotate them smartly and beautifully.

Once a sentence is about to rotate with the other one, the letters that will be re-used are kept and move to their new locations with several effects.

Textualizer currently has the following effects

  • fadeIn
  • slideLeft
  • slideTop
  • Random

It is possible to define the duration that each item will be displayed and also the duration of the transitions.

Textualizer's main use is most likely promotional texts.



jRumble is a jQuery plugin Drupal module that rumbles, vibrates, shakes, and rotates any element you choose.


After you activated the module, Go to the Configuration page at Administration >> Configuration >> Media >> jRumble
(at "admin/config/media/jrumble").

  • Container - You can enter a list of jQuery selectors. Use a new line for each selector.
    Example - #logo, #site-name
  • Style - The Style of the Animation effects such as
    1. Light (Vibrate)
    2. Heavy (Vibrate)
    3. Shake
    4. Rotate

Twitter Follow Block

Twitter Follow Block

Twitter Follow Block is a simple but powerful jQuery drupal module to add a Facebook like-box style block for Twitter. There are plenty of options available to customize the Twitter follow block to match your site design.

A jQuery plugin to add Facebook like-box style block for Twitter


  • Twitter Username
  • Height - the height of the Twitter Follow block in pixel.
  • Theme - there are two options.
    1. Light - displays the Twitter Follow block with Transparent background, Light color text and border
    2. Dark - displays the Twitter Follow block with Black background, Dark color text and border

Commerce EBS Payment Gateway

Commerce EBS Payment Gateway

The EBS Payment Gateway module implements the EBS payment processing service (www.ebs.in) in Drupal Commerce. This will come as a boon to Drupal Commerce users in India looking to use an Indian payment processing service.

About EBS

E-Billing Solutions (EBS) provides a consultative approach to Indian Merchants for facilitating suitable online payment solutions and benefit from the exponential growth witnessed in E-commerce.

Module Usage

To use this module, do the following:

  1. Get a merchant account from EBS
  2. Unzip the contents of the module (or upload the unzipped folder named commerce_ebs)at ../sites/all/modules/commerce/modules/payment/
  3. Enable the module at ../admin/build/modules
  4. Enable EBS as a payment method
  5. Enter your EBS account id and account secret key, set the payment method to live or test as the case may be and save the changes

Payment options

EBS processes the following payment options