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Comparison between Native and Xamarin Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Comparison between Native & Xamarin

Native apps remain specific to a certain platform and can work on that particular platform only. These apps are different for different OSes such as iOS, Android, Windows, & Blackberry. When it comes to iOS, native mobile apps development takes place in Objective-C & Xcode. In case of Android, it is Java & Eclipse. These apps utilize the inbuilt features of that particular OS delivering an optimized performance and quality viewing. They cannot run on any other platform.

7 Benefits of Drupal Web Development that you can not Ignore

Drupal Web Development Benefits

What is a similarity between the websites of The Economist, Mint, New York Government and Arizona University ? Well, all these websites are made of Drupal open source software, particularly created for a content management system (CMS) framework. PHP is an open source script code, which is free of any licensing costs and a choice of developers from many years. Drupal is written in PHP code, and, therefore, it saves money when it comes to developing a website using it.