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Facebook's Parse continues as Open Source

Facebook Parse May Be Dead But It Continues To Live Within The FOSS Community

The most popular mobile development platform Parse was declared as dead with no potential results to resuscitate. On January 28, 2016 the engineers gathering was shattered and confused as nothing was turning out truly till that day. The guideline demand after that news was key "What's next?". Parse gives a year to its customers to spare the information as the entire servers keeping them will be wiped then. In any case, the uplifting news is that the source code for Parse is accessible on github.

HTML5 v/s Native Mobile Applications: The Surprising Winner!

As you read this article, there are high chances you have access to this article on your iPhone, Android device, be it a tablet or smartphone, or even your BlackBerry! What you may be unaware about is the survival of the fittest war constantly raging within your palms and it always boils down to the main debate amongst all the iPhone app developers and Android app developers around the world - Who's the winner when it comes to HTML5 applications v/s Native applications?

How To Make Your Web Design Efficient & User-Friendly ?

How To Make Your Web Design Efficient & User-Friendly?

Your website's success or failure or in other words lack of interest by users is solely determined by its usability - not the visual design. Since it is your user who clicks on the mouse or taps on his device to scroll through your website and take decisions, user-centric design is the main focus and standard approach when it comes to successful and web design that rakes in high amount of profits. After all, if users cannot use a feature or zoom into a certain section of your website, they might as well shun it away which is nothing but bad news for you and your iPhone app developers.

Parse Back-end Service Shut Down for Mobile Development

[Parse Migration Services]

Facebook's declaration that it will be closing down its well known BaaS [Backend as a Service] Parse a month ago comes as an astonishment for the entire club of developers. For those having built traction of Parse applications, this news was met them as a shock. Luckily, Facebook had the insight to tantrum the news with this particular declaration that it will be likewise open-sourcing Parse's code out to the developer's club.

Moving Ahead: 6 Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

Mobile App Development Trends

Around three or four years back, it would be a noteworthy undertaking for us to use our PDAs or even think about a versatile application to call a taxicab, book flight tickets, hold a spot for dinner or even score a date! From the past couple of years, the mobile application development business has amassed a movement of changes and now with 2016 ringing in we are taking a look at the accompanying step - some more headway as far as tech and mobile applications!

7 Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

Undoubtedly the development of mobile application is one of the world's persistently growing fields. The developed ones and in addition the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are intensely after the mobile app development trends by understanding the suitability of having a mobile application in their promotional strategies. Some years back none of us have even thought that we would be utilizing an application on our cell phone to call a taxicab late at night, book a table in a restaurant, and even fix an appointment with doctors!

10 latest web design trend for Wordpress for 2016

Design Trends

Any latest fashion of WordPress gets updated as faster as a wind blow. Sometimes, it's 20px drop-shadows, sometimes designer putting ribbons on each span of textured backdrop, they can discover. For number of blogger first preference, WordPress always been a top choice, for its rich content and presentation. It is becoming more significant, with every passing days, with simple plugin for converting mobile! Now you must be thinking, what made WordPress so popular?

10 Tips to Make Your Wordpress Website Mobile Friendly

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Wordpress Website Mobile Friendly

Today, most of the websites are designed on Wordpress. The reason, it is easy to operate and design. But, that's not it. If you think that simply by designing a user friendly Wordpress website would suffice your entire need, then you need to reconsider your thoughts. The number of mobile active users is constantly at rise, which means you need to make your Wordpress website compatible to mobile devices to reach them. While this might sound very technical to you, it isn't that in reality. All you need to do is consider the mentioned ways, and you would be ready to go.