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Difference Between UX and UI Design

Difference between the UX and UI

Years ago, we had doctors - just doctors. They practiced every kind of medicine, had small offices, and even made house calls. We called them general practitioners. As the field of medicine grew and research and knowledge expanded, doctors began to specialize. Now we go to one doctor for ear, nose and throat issues; we go to another for skin issues; we go to others for issues with any of our major internal organs. When companies began to establish a presence on the Internet, they hired web designers to create those websites - general practitioners of sorts.

Finding Inspiration for Design - 15 Tips for the Beginner

Finding Inspiration for Design - 15 Tips for the Beginner

Where do ideas for great web design come from? If you ask web designers, there will be myriad of answers - from their people watching in the park to their Yoga meditations. In essence, however, design inspiration comes from two sources - direct and indirect. Direct sources are such things as studying great designs of others, accessing design blogs, and taking tutorials and classes. New designers can use these direct sources as springboards to get their own creative juices flowing.

Top 12 Must-have Plugins for WordPress Sites

12 Must Have Plugins for WordPress Sites

Two things you want from your website - minimal work and maintenance on your part and great UE for every visitor. Fortunately, because WordPress is singularly the most popular design format these days, there are some great plugins that can do both things. There are so many, however, that it may be difficult to pick and choose those that are most critical and that also do the best job. Here's a list of 12 wordpress plugins that you really will want.