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Top 10 Free HTML5 Development Tools

HTML5 Development Tools

The latest version of HTML has given web developers more creative freedom to produce websites with better overall user experience, pushing technical boundaries and achieving aesthetic highs. It delivers all these in an interface that's much easier to use, making web development a smoother process. What's even better is that it integrates tools just as well to further open the development system and streamline methods. To aid you on your web development projects without costing you a single cent, here's a list of the 10 best free HTML5 tools.

Making Photography Portfolio and Showcasing it

Making Photography Portfolio and Showcasing it

A photographer has a unique problem when it comes to promoting their services. They can't just talk about what they can do; they have to show it. Because clients tend to have different needs and perspectives, there is no one-size fits all when it comes to showcasing your work. You should show as many samples as possible, which can be a problem when your portfolio is online because of the loading time.

Simple Tips to Minimize Ads Conversion Leak


In 2015, ad blocking was estimated to cost publishers around $22 billion. With over 198 million active adblock users around the world, the struggle of bloggers and publishers to turn a profit from earning money through display ad revenue is becoming a huge uphill struggle. Many become disheartened with the way their revenue plummets despite churning out so much quality content all because of users that choose to install ad blocking software or plugins.

Creating your own Custom Page Templates in WordPress

custom page template

Nowadays, it is difficult to attract audiences to your website. For one thing, you are not the only Internet user in the 21st century and, although the World Wide Web is expansive, being "original" or unique can be a bit tricky. It is possible that someone, somewhere had the same website idea as you do now, and has probably setup their pages in the Internet. Now do not feel distressed when this happens because, in this day and age, this occurrence is quite common.