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PHPbrew and VirtPHP - Two incredibly effective tools for PHP developers


The evolution of PHP from a mere server-side scripting language to a full-fledged general-purpose programming language hasn't gone unnoticed in the recent years. To top that, the innovative versions of PHP that are being launched into the web market on a regular basis have added fuel to the ever-rising popularity of the web development software. If you're a PHP developer, you might have come across a situation where you need to switch from one PHP version to another.

Criticality of being responsible for Drupal security breaches

Drupal Security

Since the recent years, the maintainers of Drupal content management system have been regularly warning consumers about Drupal core's vulnerability to major security attacks. SQL Injection flaw can be considered as the most popular vulnerability that has got highlighted amongst the global Drupal designers and developers. Post the disclosure of this vulnerability, security threats got increased for the Drupal modules, allowing attackers to compromise a website without even requiring a genuine account.