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5 Web Tools Everyone In The Web Design Industry Should Be Using

Every trade has their tools and web development is no exception. We live in a world where people's attention is short-lived and fickle - therefore, using everything you can to keep them engaged and ensure your web design is optimised is key. The web tools available to web designers can help speed up websites, improve how they are used, develop their design, learn more about an audience, include greater features, and boost search engine optimisation. So which five web tools should everyone in the web design industry be using ?

Is it time to migrate your website to HTTPS ?

Is it time to migrate your website to HTTPS ?

The credibility of your website depends upon the addition of a single 's' in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http). It basically indicates that your website is secure and gives the visitor on your website a sense of security that the website is safe. HTTPS is particularly useful where users have to enter their personal details such as bank account details, and contact details in the website as it adds a security layer to the protocol by encrypting the transfer of resources. There are several benefits of having an HTTPS in your website such as:

6 Best PHP Frameworks for Modern Web Developers in 2018

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages globally. Using this, developers can create complex websites and applications. Due to its popularity and wide adoption, there are several PHP coding software platforms available today. The framework allows the coder to focus on specific tasks and functionality while it builds the generic components. Let's take a look at the best PHP frameworks for this year.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Site in 10 Free Steps

The most visitors come to the site from search engines. What is more, they come from the several first positions. And only some people can look through the second and the third page of SERP. Website owners understand that traffic on sites is their income. That's why everybody is trying to increase the amount of the site visitors and hit SERP's TOP-10. In this post, I'll tell you how you can improve your site's ranking and increase traffic in 10 free and easy steps. Follow them and don't forget about your brand image.

Harm Side of Technology

Everyone knows about the benefits of technology and can name at least some of the gadgets. In this article, we are going to talk about the harm of technology. Humanity can be proud of inventions it has gathered in the process of evolution and technological development. Sure, in each rule or suggestion there are some exceptions, but it is a great achievement to have as many conveniences as we have nowadays. However, there are two sides of a coin, both positive and negative, because of the different effects technology has on our mental and physical health, as well as on living in general.

How to find Best Programming Languages We Should Know

There are lots of programming languages we have, so there a list of programming languages we have and main thing is that programming is a very useful and rewarding thing as hobby or need for the business. It is fact that there are few better ways. If you know a particular programming language then it is fact most of a fair chance with that you can set a strong websites and successive into the Search Engine like Google.

How We Can Make Our Drupal Website Higher On Google

There are lots of ways and means for us to develop or create or make the website. So as main thing is that drupal designing template is like that all kind of the sites look as the same which is also a unique thing. So as it might be something that you are not planning for the blogs and websites, people who wish to use drupal designing to set the site and yet wish to make a complete difference here are some basic tips are provided here for you to solve your issues regarding your interests.

Five Ways to Earn Authority as a New Blogger

So you're ready to start a blog and become a thought leader in your industry. You've created a memorable name for your blog, filled out a content calendar, and even started writing a few blog posts. There's just one problem: You have no authority in your field. As it is right now, you're obscure and unknown. The sight of your name at the top of a blog post doesn't exactly inspire the masses to sit up and cling to your every word. And your calls to action are most likely met with thoughts like "Do I trust this person enough to take her advice?"

4 Website Shortcuts to Avoid if You Want to Own Your Niche

A goldfish has an attention span of 9sec while the average web user has an attention span of 8.25sec (down from 12sec in 2000). Attention spans online are falling, so your website must get your message across faster than ever before. If your site is set up less than optimally, your pages will take too long to load, and potential buyers will leave and give their business to your competitors. To own your niche, your site must be faster than anyone else's, which means avoiding four common shortcuts that slow your website. How fast is fast?

How to generate income with your blog

Websites are everywhere for the simple reason that they are the essential way any business or individual communicates with the outside world. Blogs, either as standlone platforms or a component page of a site, are equally important. From a business point of view, they allow immediate updates to be disseminated, as well as keeping customers engaged on an ongoing basis. For individuals, they maintain the vital flow of web traffic.