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Smartphone Friendly Business

Smartphone Friendly Business

Are you a marketing strategist, business owner, or perhaps you are a marketing manager? The fact of the matter is that if your business is not smartphone-friendly, or it does not attract the generation of people who do everything on their smartphones, your sales will suffer. The worst-case scenario will be that, if you don't make sure that your business is smartphone friendly, you could end up having to close down your business. Statistics show that in 2016, 77% of Americans owned a smartphone, and that number is increasing every year.

The Internet Entrepreneur: Leveraging the World Wide Web for Monetary Gain

Entrepreneurship is defined as the ability and zeal to start up, organise, and manage a new business venture along with all of its associated risks to make a profit. It should be noted at this juncture that it is not easy to be a successful entrepreneur. As the quotation mentioned above by Steve Jobs notes, the most successful entrepreneurs can persevere and not give up when times are tough, and businesses fail.

Oberlo Review: A Free App for Automating Your Dropshipping Process for Your Shopify Store

The rave of the moment in ecommerce world is Dropshipping - it's on everyone's lips and everyone wants to get on the ship. What's it about this ecommerce model that's attracting so much attention and pulling people to it? Firstly, it's the apparent ease of setting up: with a small initial investment and research, you'd be running your own dropshipping store in a matter of hours.

How Can Business Intelligence Software Benefit Your E-Commerce Store ?

Business Intelligence (BI) Software isa specialized piece of software designed to automatically analyze business data and provide businesses with a quick and easy way to identify any weaknesses in a business's workflow. This is invaluable for businesses that are looking to grow rapidly and is an effective defense against over expansion, helping business owners to continuously monitor their performance as they grow. Business intelligence software serves a variety of functions and the range of uses it has make it a worthwhile investment for any business owner.

Is Your Mobile App Truly Ready To Launch ?

Almost all people who have built a web or mobile application are familiar with this frustrating situation: you get really close to the launch, and the functionality that you desire is right there; however, bugs keep appearing. Launching an app while bugs are still present is a recipe for disaster. The developer ends up going through hours and hours of testing, fixing bug after bug, and still the process does not end. Is the app ready for launch? Definitely not. This scenario is a common one, and things start looking up when the bugs are finally solved.

8 Ways To Quickly Increase Site Sales

The number of people that are buying from online stores is constantly growing. The sales from e-commerce websites were at $33 billion in 2012 and a really large part of it is mobile shopping. We see a clear increase in the number of mobile shoppers and even the really big brands started to heavily invest in online shopping. Increasing site sales is a huge priority for many business managers but since this is rather new in shopping as a whole, it is normal to see some problems. There is a clear lack of knowledge about how to increase website sales.

3 Tips musts to Enhance the Website Design

There's a lot of talk nowadays about the importance of website design. It's true that a great website should be striking and simple to use. It should ultimately boast a color scheme that complements your business, strong navigation, responsive design, and other features that will make a great impression on visitors. However, it goes beyond this. The website must also be substantive and offer a certain level of depth. The design attracts attention, and the substance drives home the conversions. The words and context used should enhance the design and add depth.