Know these 6 Web Design Trends of 2016 and there you go

By vipinweblink, 16 November, 2015
Know these 6 Web Design Trends of 2016 and there you go

A sound and convincing Web Design - Does Really Matter! It is time to renovate your website before someone comments that your current website is outdated. The design of your website not only gives the facelift to your company’s site but eventually to your business. In the words of Alina Wheeler "Design is intelligence made visible." Regardless of all your disbeliefs, studies mark that an attractive and perfectly made website engenders outstanding traffic without any bounce rates. Plus, better-quality edge will upsurge conversion, which will thereby generate the business at an exponential rate.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” - Paul Rand.

You might be thinking that how something so superficial like a website design can impact the growth of your business and prompt dialogue with your company. Following are 6 Web Design Trends of 2016 that are there over the counter:

No Farewell for Flat Design in Near Future

It’s been a long while that Flat Designs are around. This Design is compatible with many other Web Design Trends such as responsive web design and material design and in fact, Flat Design embraces minimalism. Flat Design is a look that stripped all the fluff and frills and brings out a clear-cut layout with an intellectual page structure; being mobile-friendly as well. Google, Microsoft, and Apple prove it! It is possible that Flat Design is going to look completely new in the future but it’s not going anywhere and will be with us in one form or the other.

Animation: It’s About Liveliness

These days, the websites are stuffed with lots of animations. Whether it is a large scale animation or the small scale one, they are used more and more to make the site forthcoming. It’s because a moving image has the ability to express more words than the still ones. Plus, they use less bandwidth than a video. This is how, animation trend keeps a curious visitor amused for about 15% more than usual.

Micro UX: A Close Look

“Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.” – Von R. Glitschka

Web Designers most frequently use this tactic or one can say branding strategy where personal preferences build-up the online environment. Tiny, humanizing details they are! Micro UX is such a Web Design Trend that has offered a platform of acquiring ‘human quality’. There is an upsurge of creating a sense of continuity providing completely relevant content to the visitors. To make the website more familiar, relevant and user-notified, features such as recently visited/read and others are there over the counter.

Pay Attention to Typography

Do you think that Typography is just an art of creating letter? If yes, then you are wrong! Typography has the ability to breathe life into your text content. Not just this, it also enhance the rest of the attributes of your website. This, eventually helps your brand stand tall amongst the others as this design is the best for emphasizing your brand’s uniqueness.

There is no chance of changing this trend anytime soon. Now, these typographies are so big that even an aero plane can see it on the ground. This trend helps in uplifting the visual hierarchy of the page. This visual should not be missed and there it grabs your attention!

Scroll, Scroll and Keep on Scrolling!

Have you been scrolling a lot? Expect more of it for the time being! Like RWD that was designed for mobile users, there are certain websites that are also based on this formula where you have to scroll on and on to search for what you want.

Web Designers are increasing the use of this trend in order to shape and fit all the content into a single paradigm. For instance, the websites with lots of user-generated content use this trend mostly. The reason behind it is the intuitiveness of this style. With an interactive experience, this subsequently improves the UX. And, most of all, it helps in speeding up the page, which is actually very important for websites.

How About Interacting via Narratives?

This one is an amazing Web Design Trend, which holds a significant position in the list. Web Designer shave started using an intriguing question like, “What are the loop holes?” or any other exciting question that instantly clasps the curiosity of the visitor and make the user click the arrow right away.

The curiosity of knowing the answer to “What will happen next?” is what eventually results in building the website’s ‘fan-following’. It’s a big plus point where you are capable of telling a story through your content. And, when the story ends, there are either satisfied readers or the ones who want more. And here you are, as a marketer, this is what your task is - to make the customers want more!

Many Website Designing Companies in India are making use of these above stated Web Design Trends to bring a rapid ROI to your business. Don’t blindly follow the trends just for the sake that they are the “hip” things to do these days but go for the ones that best suit your brand. Whether it is hot or not, make sure that the trend you choose is best for your users. Pick that one!