Harm Side of Technology

Everyone knows about the benefits of technology and can name at least some of the gadgets. In this article, we are going to talk about the harm of technology. Humanity can be proud of inventions it has gathered in the process of evolution and technological development. Sure, in each rule or suggestion there are some exceptions, but it is a great achievement to have as many conveniences as we have nowadays. However, there are two sides of a coin, both positive and negative, because of the different effects technology has on our mental and physical health, as well as on living in general.

Eyesight Damage

Healthy lifestyle is slowly becoming common and accepted. More and more people are starting to think about what they eat and what they do throughout their days. However, not all of them realize that technological conveniences bring not only usefulness but also harm to their lives. First of all, their eyesight deteriorates much from using technological devices for longer than it is recommended by doctors. Sure, rules were created to break them, but still, it is important to keep in mind that we were given only one pair of eyes, so, we are supposed to take care of them. Eyes are the reflection of the soul, so what would that mean after losing a vision? If you need somebody to write a paper on technology, please visit papercheap.

Back Problems

Spinal problems are becoming increasingly common, and one of the reasons is that we use gadgets incorrectly. The thing is you need to count on your body needs in order not to think about doctor's prescription in the future.

Ethical Problems

One of the problems, which is important when talking about technology, is ethics. It covers the issues of communication, identity, and relationships, as well as many others. Technology is improving the living conditions, at the same time making life simpler. However, it can affect human interactions in a negative way.

Social Media Danger

Social networks are not only about quick chats with people from all over the world, but also about sharing news and private photos.
Many men, many minds, but still it is risky to share your private information on the Internet. You both identify yourself as standing above the crowd by posting enviable photos and allow others to stare at them without any limits. Probably, the truth is that everyone has to make up his or her mind and make a personal decision, but it is always good to be cautious.

Safety Reasons

By the way, another risk pertains to safety, as devices can reveal your location. Since anything can happen nowadays, it is unnecessary to switch off your location tracking because it can be used by criminals for vile purposes such as theft, burglary and so on.

Surveillance Possibilities

Modern computers, smartphones, tablets and other digital gadgets can be easily turned into ultimate surveillance instruments. In fact, social media and location trackers are not all vulnerable points of electronic technologies.

For instance, many companies gather far more information about their clients than one might ever think. According to researches, most part of mobile apps send user data gathered from smartphones to third-party companies. Nowadays, it is possible to analyze it and to find out critical private information about a person such as: ethnicity, nationality, political preferences and views, faith and religion, sexual orientation, credibility and financial status, payments and bills, working and private connections, and even family composition.

If one does not provide this information on any social media page, there are companies specialized on finding out the data basing on telltale signs they can see together with facts collected from devices people use, and selling it to big companies.
Add the data about your phone numbers, email addresses, private payment references and bills, and you'll understand that it is a great mean of influencing your life for those who have the information at their disposal.

Loan Imposture

Everything is simple here, if to consider the previous point thoroughly. Thanks to so-called "cookie files", it is enough for the person to search for a microloan service once, and they will receive ads offering the possibility of taking more and more loans. The result of such activities is more than predictable: a person having financial problems can be emotionally unstable and more vulnerable about close perspectives. Such people might wish to get more funds here and now. Finally, they'll get trapped into a money pit and lose control of their own life.

The Value of Time

Each person is responsible for time he or she was given. There are plenty of opportunities, such as spending time with friends, in nature, or wherever you want. However, it is your decision to make. You have to remember that social networks, films and other passive forms of time spending will not disappear. But those valuable unique moments of your life you create by yourself happen just once until they vanish in the sunsets and sunrises.

So, keep on making your life the way you want it to be, thinking about the proper use of technology - for the good and not for the evil.