10 Resources to Learn CakePHP

10 Resources to Learn CakePHP

In today's tech driven world having a website has become an important platform to reach old/new consumers. A business is not considered a legit business unless they have an updated webpage. Making web applications are no longer a tedious task, as it used to be. With Cake PHP, designing a website and web applications have become easier still. CakePHP is an open-source framework following the model-view-controller approach and designed on Ruby on Rails programming language that allows users to start designing websites without any prior knowledge of any programming language.

The software comes with features such as code generation and scaffolding, which allow developers to build prototypes of websites quickly without having to worry about complicated XML or YAML files. Cake PHP has become a useful technology for almost everyone regardless if they are developers or no. If you want to get on the delicious CakePHP training, it is not yet too late. Here are a few resources that you can use to start learning CakePHP.

1. CakePHP Documentation

As always with any technology, it is a good option to start by referring to the documentation issued by the company. However, the community of CakePHP takes it a step further - they have released a whole book. If you visit the documentation page, you'll see that they have divided the documentation into a book and the API. The book covers everything you need to know about starting with PHP and the API familiarizes you with the various APIs that you can use with the software. It really is the first go-to resource!

2. CakePHP Developer Blog

If the community's own book wasn't enough, CakePHP also has a developer blog that offers additional help and little tidbits for CakePHP and its features. It also has a tutorials section, if you check out the drop down menu on the left. The tutorials are covered by actual CakePHP developers, making it a very good source for information.

3. Codex World CakePHP Tutorial

Codex World offers a simple tutorial on its page for beginners. It breaks down the steps that one would require to begin with CakePHP including how to download the software and configure it. It is not a video tutorial, but it does provide you with screenshots at every step and also includes codes that you can copy paste.

4. Lynda Cake PHP Tutorials

Here starts our list of some of the best video tutorials that are available on the internet. Lynda is a really good resource to check out and it has multiple tutorials - some free and some paid. The tutorials also range according to expertise level - from beginners to advanced levels. You should definitely check it out, if you are willing to seriously learn CakePHP.

5. Udemy CakePHP Beginner Tutorial

The Udemy CakePHP tutorials cover the latest release of CakePHP the 3.0 and break it down for the beginners that have never dealt with this technology before. It will not only cover how to use Cake PHP but will also delve into JavaScript, jQuery and even Ajax. It will also help you design a full-functional application using the technologies.

6. Introduction to CakePHP framework

The thing that I liked about Plural Sight's Cake Tutorial is that not only does it have video tutorials to teach you how to start with Cake PHP, but it also comes with exercises for you to work on your own and get more practice. Additionally, it also has a course transcript in case English is not your first language.

7. Eduonix Course on CakePHP

The Eduonix CakePHP Course is an excellent resource on Cake PHP, its features, along with other related technologies. The Eduonix tutorial starts with trying to get you to become familiar with the CakePHP, before moving on to installing the framework and setting it up. It covers a variety of different features and also includes designing a fully-functional working application. With clear content and a crisp manner of teaching, the Eduonix course is seriously worth the money.

8. Beginning CakePHP: From Novice to Professional

Although CakePHP was introduced around a decade ago, novice learners that are yearning to learn this technology are being added every day. These novice learners need a quick guide to learn CakePHP from the first version to the latest one - this is one of those great guides. The book was written as a means of something that can constantly be kept on hand in case any confusion arises. It is a perfect resource for beginners.

9. CakePHP: Questions and Answers

This book is a must for any user of Cake PHP, it doesn't matter if he is a beginner or an expert. The book is basically a compilation of questions and answers based on popular questions asked on the stackoverflow website. It is very helpful, as you can directly refer to the question when you have a problem rather than looking through numerous resources. There is also an e-book version of this available on Kindle to make it easier. It covers a variety of topics and is a very good resource to have on hand when developing using CakePHP.

10. CakePHP Fest

CakePHP Fest is a yearly seminar that is conducted by the CakePHP community and has numerous speakers (that are professional developers) that talk about their experiences with developing and their relationship with CakePHP. This year it's going to be held in Amsterdam.
These are a few of the many great resources that are available online. CakePHP is currently one of the hottest technologies online for web development.