Google Glass for Non-Profit Organizations with Ideas

Google Glass

Google on Wednesday contacted 5 non-profit firms and offered them their latest product 'Google Glass' so that they can use the technology for their benefit. The whole program has been named as 'Giving through Glass' and the winners were chosen from over 1300 application received from different charities in U.S. With their ideas on how will they benefit from the still publicly unreleased Google eye-wear. Apart from this, they will also receive $25000 and counseling from Google's engineers about the product.

YouTube blames Internet Service Providers for Slow Streaming

Youtube slow streaming

Netflix earlier accused the Internet Service Providers for videos that run slower and are poor in quality. Joining the blame game is yet another biggie of the internet world - Google owned YouTube, which alleges the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) for longer buffering periods, pixilated videos and longer loading time. To support its allegations, Google will now start displaying a dialog box, in case viewers face any problems. The box will prompt the users to find out the reason for interruptions during streaming, if they face so.

Songza now has a new Brand called Google


The mighty giant Google is set on an acquisition spree! It has captured major brands already and is adding, or to the list. In another major acquisition the tycoon has acquired the famous music streaming service Songza. Songza happens to be widely used worldwide. It seems like the Internet search company has the latest strategy to play, it’s part in the fast growing music business online.

Time to Say Good-Bye Orkut

Time to Say Good-Bye Orkut

Google launched a social networking site called Orkut in 2004, which has seen lots of updates and changes over the years, however they could not gain on popularity, except for India, Brazil and few others. It was just matter of time when Google decides to shut it down, and finally they have. The date decided for official Orkut shut down is 30th September 2014. From then onwards, the users would not be able to login to Orkut, Google+ photo export won't be available, and all the tools and different API will shut down as well.

Map sessions for I/O Developer’s Conference by Google

Google map

Google is planning to have a Google Map app session for attendees at their Google I/O 2014 developers Conference to be held in San Francisco this week. To facilitate the same, the Google Maps team has put together a primer of some of the Map Sessions to be conducted at the event. Mano Marks reported in his Google Geo Developers Blog "The Google Maps team has come up with great content so as to give the developers a great experience".

Google’s Stint With TV Set Top Box

google tv

The wall street Journal reported on Tuesday Night that Google is ready for another shot at TV by introducing a new set top box. Post its first innings in the year 2010, Google is now all set for another spell in this category. Google, the giant in the field of Technology and Innovation plans to showcase the set top box during its Annual Developer Conference. This news bit was again confirmed by the report.

After Telecom Gadgets, Its Health Wearables War: Apple Vs. Samsung Vs. Google

Health wearable war

Firms dealing with medicine have been trying, for ages now, to equip people with gadgets that will help them measure blood sugar level with ease. However, they have not been very successful with this. However, now the world's largest telecommunication gadget providers, Apple Inc, Google Inc and Samsung Electronics Co. Have entered the game and taken this research to another level. With their smart watches and gadget bracelets, they are looking for an application that will help people monitor their blood sugar levels.